Jun 08 09

Join the Bone Marrow Registry for FREE!!!

If you read my post from last month about being a bone marrow donor, then you have a sense of just what a wonderful, life-altering opportunity this is to really help out someone who really needs your help!
If you haven’t read this post, please scroll backwards and read the 5/12/09 post so you can have a sense of just what a meaningful experience this can be!
Right now, for a limited time, (6/8/09-6/22/09), you may join the bone marrow registry for free, if you follow the instructions below and use the promotion code below!

Joining the registry involves giving a sample of your DNA (this is obtained by swabbing the inside of your cheek and sending this sample into the registry, so no pain!), and this DNA kit will be shipped to your home so you will collect this sample without ever even leaving your house! This sample will be tissue typed, and then your tissue typed profile will be on record in the national marrow registry. From that point on, every time the registry is scanned to match the tissue typing of a person in need of a bone marrow transplant, your profile will also be scanned and you just might be able to save someone’s life!

If you live within the United States or Puerto Rico and are interested in this, go here to register. You must be between the ages of 18-60, and please read the medical guidelines to see if you might have a condition that might disqualify you. Note that most routine medical problems that are well controlled will not disqualify you! To join and apply for the free testing, click on “join now” and fill out the short questionnaire. When you arrive at the spot to enter a promo code, enter the following:
This special opportunity to join the registry is time limited, so if you are interested, be sure to sign up and complete the application before 6/22/09! If you have questions, please call Barbara Nolan at the National Marrow Registry at 1-888-862-7769, ext 105. And remember, you just might help save someone’s life!


  1. Stacy Thieszen Says:

    I work at the National Marrow Donor Program and I wanted to thank you for helping to promote our Be The Match Marrowthon and spread the word to your readers. We really appreciate your support!

  2. Tina J Says:

    I just registered and wanted to let you know!

  3. Robin Says:

    Thank you so much for providing the link – I have signed up. My daughter is in remission with AML leukemia and if she ever relapses she will need a matched unrelated donor – unfortunately, her sister was not a match.
    Again, I want to thank you for posting the information

  4. Juliana Says:

    I am a blood donor and regitered potential marrow donor in the UK. I am, however, surprised that you would have to pay in the USA to be registered as a donor. I find it hard to understand.

  5. Jean Says:

    Oh how sad that I do not qualify because of my age. Finally, this would have been something I could do since I am too old now to give blood. I used to be an on-call donor at two hospitals when I was younger. I will, however, talk this up to my friends. Bless you.