Jun 13 09

Playing Around With Texture Magic

Have you seen this new product by Superior Threads? It’s called Texture Magic and it will cause ANY fabric to shrink in all directions by 30%! When you open it up, it looks like a large piece of unassuming synthetic fiber of some sort:

Attach it to the wrong side of whatever fabric you’re trying to shrink (either pin baste or spray baste):

and then do some type of stitching-free motion or straight line or whatever the heck you feel like doing! Once you’re done with the stitching, apply steam to the Texture Magic side. You don’t place the iron directly onto the Texture Magic, just hold the steam iron close to it, and that’s when the fun begins! You’ll see it really shrink, right in front of your eyes, and this creates all kinds of interesting textures! This is a piece of an avocado colored piece of silk that had been loosely stippled before the Texture Magic technique was applied. Now it’s a really interesting 3-dimensional fabric:

I fused this to some warm colored silks to make this large flower. The Texture Magic treated part is in the center:

Here’s after some additional stitching had been done around the center:

The flower is trapuntoed so I did a bit of stitching inside the petals to add some more texture:

This is still just part of the quilt top, so I have a long way to go on this, but I’m really enjoying this Texture Magic stuff…more to follow!

And, at the risk of sounding like a tape recording, don’t forget that there’s only a little over 1 week left to get yourself registered in the National Marrow Registry for free! To apply, go here and use the promo code “quiltersdonate” when prompted to enter a promo code. This will allow you to have the tissue typing kit sent directly to your own home. Thanks!


  1. Judy L. Says:

    I came home with some Texture Magic too but I haven’t had time to play. I’ve been busy! 🙂

  2. Alice (BCQuilter) Says:

    Ooh… that looks like fun!

    I really like your application of it. It adds personality to the flower.


  3. Tina J Says:

    Now that is just too cool!

  4. Fulvia Says:

    Hi Patsy, I am trying to sign up for the marrow donation but on the log in page there is NO security code visible so it keeps failing … not that you can do anything about it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. patsy Says:

    Hi Fulvia,
    I just went to http://www.bethematch.org to see if I could figure out
    what’s wrong and I was able to sign up using the promo code “quiltersdonate” just
    fine. I have a feeling that you may have missed a step. If you begin
    at the homepage, click on the tab near the top where it says
    something like “join now.” There are a series of short questions to
    fill out and each will get you to the next page. I think it’s on the
    third or fourth page where you are asked for a “promo code,” (not a
    security code). Let me know if you still have trouble and thanks for
    signing up!

  6. Linda Lum DeBono Says:

    Great meeting you on the Quilt Out Loud set! I love your work and the quilts that you had on the show were beautiful.

  7. peggy Says:

    Sorry I missed your demo at FAA yesterday but this was a good back-up, though not as funny as being there with you. Safe travels.