Jun 29 09

More Fun With Hyperquilting, Quilting Out Loud, and a Sale!

I had made up some placemats with different hyperquilting designs on them for Quilt Market in May but I got so behind in everything that I never posted them here. I still don’t have pictures of all of them, but here are a few that are fun to play with:

Now the photo above is the baseline design that will be over-quilted or hyperquilted with a decorative thread in a secondary design. Here’s the first option for hyperquilting:

…and here’s another option to use for hyperquilting:

Remember that when you’re hyperquilting a loop-d-loop design, you don’t want to stitch right on top of the loop-d-loop part. Instead, stitch alongside it, and deliberately cross over it many times, because that will give you a cool ribbon-like effect! Ok, here’s another baseline design for hyperquilting:

Now here’s one option for hyperquilting that one:

but I like this second hyperquilting design better:

More on hyperquilting designs later! Now I’ve got to tell you some really exciting news! Have you heard about a new internet-based quilting show called “Quilt Out Loud?” This show will debut on Qnntv in late July and it is the brainchild of none other than Jodie Davis and Mark Lipinski. You probably know Jodie because she is the host on QNN and she’s written about a bazillion books and she designs patterns! You probably know Mark because he is the editor of Quilters’ Home Magazine, designs fabrics for Northcott, and he is about the funniest person you’ll ever meet. (I’m not exaggerating about that! I got to hear him speak at Quilters Unlimited last month, and it was literally 2 solid hours of hard belly laughs! If you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, do it!) If you’ve read his magazine, then you know that it’s different than other quilting magazines-it respects that quilters do other things than just quilt, and the show will have this same angle. Because of that, the show will touch on other parts of quilters lives, like cooking, gardening, etc. Anyway, I got to be part of a segment about creating your own quilting business, and it was really fun! Also in this segment were Linda Lum deBono, (don’t you just love her name!) and she has written lots of books and currently designs fabrics, and Debbie Kalenty, who began Quilter’s Obsession, an online quilt store! (By the way, Linda is hosting a fabric giveaway on her blog right now, so make sure you get over there and get yourself into the drawing!) The segments were all shot in the beautiful home of Sherry and Tim Cowley. Here’s a shot of Linda, Sherry and me waiting in a sitting room:

and here’s a shot of us all getting ready to start shooting:

I think this show will be lots of fun! If you’re interested in subscribing to QNN, go here, and if you sign up soon, you can use discount code QH-75VEH to reduce the price! One of the things they are going to do is hit the road and just show up at quilter’s homes and catch them by surprise!

And last but not least, we’re having a fourth of July sale in the online store! The items on sale below will be on sale through midnight next Sunday, July 5. Check out these incredible deals on threads!

1. Rain Forest Thread Pack (12 spools of beautiful trilobal polyester threads) normally $70.00, on sale for $59.00.
2. Flower Garden Thread Pack (12 spools of beautiful trilobal polyester threads) normally $70.00, on sale for $59.00.
3. Super Brights Thread Pack (12 spools of trilobal polyester threads, great for hyperquilting and adding highlights to your work) normally $70.00, on sale for $59.00.
4. Free Motion Fun Thread Pack (5 mini-cone spools of YLI subtly variegated threads plus one spool of solid gold Rayon thread by Robison-Anton) normally $50.50 on sale for $42.00.
5. Bendable Bright Light, normally $49.95, sale price $39.95.
6. 40 inch Flexible Curve Ruler, normally $19.50, sale price $15.95.
7. Texture Magicâ„¢, normally $11.99, sale price $10.95.

Happy 4th of July!

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