Jul 02 09

The Hyperquilted Swirl-Spine Feathered Wreath

Don’t you find yourself going through bursts of creativity where you’re almost afraid to go to sleep because you don’t want to turn off the flow? That’s what I’m going through now, and I’m ready to frigging BURST! I can’t show any of the really good stuff, but here’s a quick and fun feathered wreath with a decorative spine. I call it the hyperquilted swirl spine feathered wreath:

It looks hard, but the key is to break it into small steps. First, stitch 2 concentric circles for your spine borders, then add the decorative swirl spine inside:

Of course, you could do the entire design in one thread color, but I can’t do that; it’s part of my thread obsession! So, in the next step, I switched to a different high contrast decorative thread, (in this case, a Sulky solid rayon turquoise thread), and stitched out the plumes on the inside and outside of the wreath. Once those plumes were added, I threw in some thread highlights around the wreath itself. I began by stitching 3 “echo lines” of a purple rayon just outside the wreath edges; these create a nice “halo” of color, and then I stitched the “plumify it” design for my background fill design:

It would have been fine to stop at this point, but sometimes, I just need to add more thread! Actually, I felt like I needed to hyperquilt it in the gold rayon to “marry” the spine design with the plumes, so I hyperquilted it in the last step:

This one is pretty tame compared to what I’ve been working on this afternoon, but I just had to show one of these! I can’t wait to keep working on more!


  1. Elisabeth Says:

    Hi, Patsy!
    Those hyperquilted feathers are just so beautiful! Makes me happy! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Sally Bramald Says:

    Every time I think you’ve done something which can’t be bettered, you come up with something even more delightful!!

  3. Shared Items – July 6, 2009 Says:

    […] The Hyperquilted Swirl-Spine Feathered Wreath […]

  4. Shared Items – July 6, 2009 Says:

    […] The Hyperquilted Swirl-Spine Feathered Wreath […]


    If this is for another DVD I can’t wait!

  6. Julie Bannon Says:

    I love your quilting and have decided to try at freemotion quilting. i figure the angle designs are the best to start with? for starters though am i best off practising the designs on paper a few times to get the “flow” of the design right? i cant buy you dvd yet but will do when i can. your designs are an inspiration 🙂

  7. Rose Landoon Says:

    Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to try this. Your work is wonderful.What an inspiration. When you know how to do the steps it doesn’t seem so hard. We’ll see. Thanks again!!!!

  8. Juliana Says:

    Hello Patsy,
    The designs are so beautiful as usual. Everytime I come and read your blog I have a million different ideas to try out and just not enough colours in the fabric and thread boxes (yes….I said boxES!)
    I was courting some rayon threads at the local shop. They looked so glossy and rich in colour. However I have read contradictory info on them with regard to how well they withstand aging. Have you always had a good experience with them and do you know if there is a huge difference in quality between different brands of rayon?

    Thank you for your wonderful website.