Oct 08 09

Playing Around with Stencils and a SALE!!

stencil 1

Thanks to Mary, (who is perhaps the most prolific quilter that has ever lived), if you click on the above photo and any others here, you’ll be able to see them in full size. Thank you, Mary! I’ve been testing out some of the stencils that we’ve been working on. This is for a series of square feathered wreaths that have center spine designs that you can swap out. I’m quite fond of that curly cue spine for the center of a wreath, and I love how it works even though the spine doesn’t have a “smooth” edge. Below is the same wreath after it’s been hyperquilted:


Here’s another one before it’s been hyperquilted:


…and here it is hyperquilted:

This next one is also one of my favorites. It’s the bicycle chain spine, but you hardly recognize it because it’s so wide here:

stencil 3

…and here it is after hyperquilting:

stencil 3HQ

and here’s one more before:

stencil 4

…and after:

stencil 4HQ

These are just a smattering of what we are working on, but I’ll tell you, they are all really FUN to play with! But what’s even more fun is a SALE! We can’t make it to Houston for fall quilt market and quilt festival, but we’re celebrating with a sale! Everything in our store is 10% off retail price for the next week! To get the discount, enter “Houston” during checkout when you are asked to enter a discount code, and 10% will be deducted off your retail purchase. Enjoy!

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  1. Mary Says:

    I’m happy to have helped because I get to see the close-up photos….I love all the variations, especially the curls inside the feathers.