Oct 20 09

Hyperquilting Fun


(click on photos to enlarge). Here’s a before/after flower hyperquilting shot to get an idea of how much it can add to a design:


…and here’s a vine shot before hyperquilting; again, not much to write home about in the “before” state:


Portions of the center were busier than I liked, so I did selective hyperquilting in the green center. In the busiest spots, I didn’t go back in with the hyperquilting as I thought this might add to that sense of being overly crowded:


The 2 background fabrics on this top are cotton sateen, so they have a slight sheen to them. All the threads are either rayon or trilobal polyester, again because of their great sheen. Here’s the whole quilt shot:


One Comment

  1. LuAnn in Oregon Says:

    Hi Patsy,
    Thanks for the inspiration! Love the whimsical and playful nature of your newest piece. I am so hooked on your hyper quilting method. I can’t thank you enough for all of your DVD’s and all of the sharing you do through your website. You also hooked me on your YLI Variations threads. Just can’t thank you enough for what you have done for my machine quilting. Wishing you happy holidays and continued success in the New Year.
    LuAnn in Oregon