Oct 30 09

New Tulip Quilt and Working on Halloween Preparations

(Click on photos to enlarge them):



These are just a couple shots from the center section of a new quilt that features tulips. The applique is all via fusible web and the edges are finished using trilobal polyester and rayon threads stitched in the EKG edge finishing design. I still feel struck, everytime I work on edge finishing for fusible applique, by just how much simple thread work like this can add to any motif. My whole quilting life has changed in the last decade because the world of thread has completely exploded and opened up a whole new facet of quilting for me! This next shot was before I had actually fused anything down; I was trying to get a sense of whether or not the center section would work with the outer blue/green fabric:


This quilt will look completely different than this once it’s done. The center section will have an undulating edge and there will be applique all over the border as well, but that’s gonna take me some time!

On a completely different thread, we’ve been preparing our haunted graveyard this week. Here is our front yard with just the fencing up that sets the boundary for the graveyard:


…and here is the entrance. It looks much scarier at night!


…and here is one of the tombs. It was painted many years ago by the son of a friend of ours when he was quite young:


Notice the details, like the rat on the tombstone, black birds, and the hand coming out of the dirt…this is the part that makes it fun to do! Happy Halloween!!


  1. Elaine Says:

    very pretty. All your work is lovely.

  2. peggy Says:

    love the Halloween pics. I am glad to see what you do. My pumpkins survived. It’s gorgeous here now though chilly. See you next time around. p