Dec 08 09

Plugging Away on the Tulip Quilt and Featured Gift of the Week (aka-it’s a great deal!)


I started quilting the tulip quilt today, and you can start to see the tulips beginning to poof out as they were being outlined with invisible thread. The tulips in this center section have 3 layers of batting behind them. Here was the backside of this quilt early this morning before it went into the final quilt sandwich:


I was kind of nervous about that center section because the top has been manipulated so much over the last couple of weeks that I was worried the batting layer may have stretched and that would cause big problems when that final quilting took place. Fortunately, it didn’t and everthing worked out just fine. Here is the center section shot from the side as all the initial outlining was done:


Next, I began quilting the background of that center section. That green fabric is a cotton sateen, which means it has a slight sheen to it, so I am using a solid color rayon thread that matches in color. Here it is on the machine bed as the bulk of that center section was done:


And here’s a shot of it pinned to my design wall. There’s still a lot of work to go, but I’m having lots of fun with this one:


And completely unrelated, we are featuring a gift of the week and this week it is the Bendable Bright Light, which normally retails for $49.95 but is on sale for one week at $35.95-that’s $14 off! If you haven’t seen one of these in action, watch our bendable bright light infomercial to see just how helpful this light is!


  1. Sally Says:

    Oh my word! Another gorgeous project. I notice you don’t seem to have any basting in the background where you’re quilting. What do you use–fusible? Probably not, would interfere with the trapunto area I imagine. Anyway, what kind of batting and do you baste somehow? TIA, Sally

  2. patsy Says:

    Hi Sally,
    Thanks for your nice note! I baste all my quilts by spray basting. (I use 505 Basting Spray). I know many people who spray baste also use pins, but I’ve never found that to be necessary with the 505. This method is much easier and I really appreciate never having to stop to remove pins or threads as I work.
    There are 3 layers of batting in this quilt. The first is a layer of Hobbs wool batting that is under all the tulips and swirls. I chose that particular batting because I wanted a lot of loft. The second layer of batting is a scrap of Hobbs silk batting that is under the center section and the 3rd layer is a layer of Hobbs silk batting that is under the entire quilt.

  3. betsy Says:

    Patsy this tulip quilt is just so beautiful. And as usual your quilting is exquisite

  4. Michele Says:

    Can I have it when you’re finished?
    What, is that being too forward?
    It’s breathtakingly beautiful.
    And the quilting in the center is magnificent.
    Where should I send my address?
    Thank you.

  5. Elsie Montgomery Says:

    I want to be like you when I grow up!

  6. shelly Says:

    This is gorgeous!

  7. jeanne Killeen Says:

    I love the feather filler in the center of the tulip quilt that surrounds the tulips. This looks different from the ones on your DVD’s is this a varianat?