Feb 07 10

The Silence…

is broken!! I have been spending 6-12 hours each day in front of a computer so once I see a chance to get away from that darn computer, I take it! That’s why I haven’t been posting-it would be more time with that pute! Here are a few things that have tied up my time…



What are these things? They are color proofs for our second book! Yep, I said SECOND book! These proofs are for a book about hyperquilting; it’s meant to be a primer for people who are just starting to learn how to do it. The thing that’s been taking up most of my time, though, is our first book, “Feather Adventures!” We are in the laying out stage for that one and I am so thrilled with it that I can hardly contain myself! It is unlike any feather book I’ve ever seen and it’s loaded with tons of eye-candy kinds of pictures! Both of these books will be out this spring and although it’s been a ton of work, I’m totally psyched!

Now what’s this stuff all about?…


and this one?…


(click to enlarge). These are small snip-it photos from some quilts with designs from the next DVD. It’s all about fun feathered border design ideas and feathered frame designs. I’ve had a blast playing with all of them! But, the good news is that the biggest part of all my work for all these projects is behind me, so maybe I’ll have some time to just quilt for fun! That means more posts, too!


  1. Sally Says:

    More posts? Yeah! When is the first book due for release? TIA, Sally

  2. Sandy Says:

    Oooooh — these look gorgeous, Patsy!

  3. Kathy W. Says:

    WooHoo! I can’t wait. Videos and books, what more could we ask for? Thanks, Patsy.

  4. Pam Says:

    Books and a new video. Yeh. You succeeded in teaching me to quilt feathers. I have had classes with MaryAnn Fons, Anita Shackleford and Alex Anderson. You finally pulled it all together for me and I am quilting a lone star quilt for our upcoming quilt show.
    Thank you, thank you.
    I love threads. I once told my daughter that if anything happens to me that I have a fortune in threads. I didn’t mention the fabric!

  5. Elsie Montgomery Says:

    These example photos are positively inspirational (but a tad intimidating, I must admit). When I grow up, I want to be able to make feathers just like you!!

  6. Chris Says:

    Ooohhh I know the next book on my shelf!@!


  7. LuAnn in Oregon Says:

    Hi Patsy,
    You are wonderful! I look forward to being inspired by your new books and new DVD…….I wouldn’t miss them for the world!
    Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with all of us.
    Your style speaks to my heart and makes it sing…
    LuAnn in Oregon