Feb 16 10

Sale and New Stencils in the Store!

feathered heart swag border

(click on photos to enlarge.)

We’ve got some great new feather stencils in the store; the picture above is a corner shot of the feathered heart swag stencil stitched in an outward orientation. In this border application, you can see some “spacer designs” in between the swags themselves. Those spacer designs allow you to stitch these swag repeats into pretty much any size of border length; we have a spacer stencil that holds a variety of spacer designs of varying widths. Here’s what the above design looks like without spacers and stitched in the reverse orientation:


There is also the “plain” feathered swag:


and the feathered fleur-de-lis swag:

feathered fleur de lis border

and here is a feathered art deco border design:


and here’s another cool feathered border design:


We’ve also got some non-border feather designs, here’s an example of one that’s centered in a border and used as a substrate from which to flow feathers:


There are more stencils than these, so check them out in the store, because ALL STENCILS ARE 10% OFF THROUGH MARCH 1ST!! To get the discount, enter “stencil10” in the discount code box when you enter your payment information during checkout, and the discount will be deducted from the final amount at checkout.

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