Feb 25 10

Hyperquilted Swirl Wreath, New Fabric for Dyeing, and Free Downloads are Working Again!

I went back and hyperquilted that first swirl wreath:

(Click on all photos to enlarge)

I’ve just finished another one, but I’ll save that baby for another post! I wanted to spread the word on an interesting new fabric that’s great for dyeing. It’s a 50/50 bamboo/cotton blend that’s available at Joann Fabrics, but only by the bolt:

It runs $69.99 for 12 yds, but after your 40% off coupon, that’s only $3.50/yard. It takes Procian dye really well and is incredibly soft. I’ve only dyed it once, using an immersion method:

(I know, I know; not nearly as thrilling as my normal dyeing method, but that’s all I can do in the frigid environs of Northwest Ohio!) Anyway, it took the color very well:

…so I’m sure I’ll be playing around some more with this stuff. My new friend Amy, (please check out her blog here, as she’s an incredible quilter and I suspect she will be a rapidly rising star in the quilting world) did not have as rich color results with her bamboo/cotton fabric, but she’s using a liquid concentrate form of the dye and I’m wondering if that might account for some difference. Time will tell on this and I’ll report back once I’ve had more experience with it.

I updated the wordpress blog a week ago in the hopes that it would enable me to post fullsize photos again, but to no avail. As an unintended side effect, it disabled the free downloads but they are now working again. Sorry about that! In the meantime, if anyone has a solution to this new problem with wordpress not allowing full size pics to be posted , please write me! I want to show full size pictures again so stitching can be seen easily!

And I’ve got so many projects going now that my head is kind of spinning, but here’s a peak at a corner of a center block of a quilt I’m working on:

(This one’s worth clicking on to enlarge!)


  1. Tie Dye To Die For Says:

    […] Patsy Thompson Designs, Ltd. » Hyperquilted Swirl Wreath, New … […]

  2. TheaM Says:

    Hi Patsy,

    Love your “hyperquilting” – and I’m getting better at it!
    Was thinking of waiting for better weather for dyeing, but may go ahead and try it sooner. Thanks for the info.

  3. Michele Says:

    I picked up a bolt of the bamboo cotton last week. I love how it feels. I’m going to try my hand at dyeing and painting fabrics over the next several months. We’ll see how it goes.

    Looking forward to seeing you at Market. Congrats on the books, I’m sure they will be fabulous!