Mar 15 10

Feathered Frames and DVD Give Away!

Isn’t this feathered frame design fabulous? I just love it and it’s one of the feathered frame designs from our next DVD. Actually, the DVD is really about feather border designs, (and most of them are actually fairly easy to do; it’s all about the magic of how you lay them out!), but I ended up throwing in 3 chapters toward the end about feathered frames just because they are kind of related and they’re really fun!  This has been a really fun DVD to work on and I’m going to end up with several really beautiful quilts that I made as I tested out designs!

I’m hoping to have some really exciting news to share pretty soon, but in the meantime, I’m going to spread the word about a great giveaway and a really fun blog!  If you haven’t been over to Kelly Jackson’s blog, now is the time to go!  She’s celebrating  the one year anniversary of her online shop, I Have a Notion, and to celebrate, she’s having a full month of giveaways!!  Right now, she’s featuring a give away of all 3 of our feathers DVDs, so if you’ve been hoping for one, zippity-do-dah your way over to Kelly’s and post a message to be entered!  If you’ve already got all 3 of those DVDs, check out her blog anyway!  It’s always upbeat and fun, and she’s great about posting news about all kinds of new quilting products and she posts great tutorials about how to use all this stuff!  If you want to keep on the lastest and greatest in the quilting world, Kelly’s is the place to go!


  1. Helen Says:

    Your feathered frame is absolutely stunning.

  2. Jocelyn Says:

    Beautiful feather quilting! Kelly’s is a sweet friend, and I have been to her blog and signed up for her fabulous and generous giveaway. Thanks for being a sponsor.

  3. Jackie Says:

    I really love your DVD

  4. Joan Says: Says:

    Your quilting just gives me chills when i see it. So beautiful! Keep the ideas coming.

  5. Ashley Ully Says:

    Your spider-web-frame is AMASING!