Apr 30 10

New Books are Here and Book Give-Away Winners Announced!

I am so proud to announce that “Feather Adventures! Volume 1” and “Hyperquilting!” are now here and available for purchase on the web site! These books have been many months in the making and are loaded with lots of fun ideas to crank up your free motion quilting to another level! Let me give you some specifics to whet your appetite:

Feather Adventures is 140 pages, full color and soft cover. This baby is loaded with tons of very large photos so you can easily see the stitching as you are learning to create all kinds of fabulous feather designs! It begins by teaching how to stitch the basic freeform feather, and then how to stitch feathers with stitched spines. Learning these basic skills is only the take-off point, though, because then we head into all kinds of interesting feather adventures! Truly, this book will inspire you to create the feathers you’ve always dreamed of…and maybe some that you haven’t dreamt yet! It is so jam-packed with inspiration that each book weighs nearly 2 lbs! Whether you’ve never stitched a feather before and are looking to learn the basics, or you already know how to stitch feathers and want to use them in creative ways, this book has something for you! Want to see more before you buy? Head to your local quilt shop where you can flip through the pages and drool! If your shop doesn’t have it yet (and they should-this baby will fly off the shelves, so if they don’t have it yet, ask them to order it right away!), then go here to watch a short video we made to give you a virtual “flip-through” of “Feather Adventures!” I must caution you, however, that you may be so stimulated by this book that you may not sleep for 1-2 nights after receiving it!

And let’s not forget about our second book called “Hyperquilting!” This book is 60 pages, full color, and softcover. This book is quite different from Feather Adventures in that it is really a primer on the technique of hyperquilting. It is a step-by-step manual of how to create a number of free motion designs that can be hyperquilted with a variety of secondary designs. Don’t even know how to stitch a “baseline design” that can be hyperquilted? Don’t worry about it, because the book will show you exactly how to stitch the baseline design and THEN how to hyperquilt it! If you’ve never tried hyperquilting before and want a manual to walk you through it step-by-step, this book is for you! Want to see more before you buy? Run, don’t walk, to your local quilt shop to do the “flip-through,” and if your shop doesn’t have it yet, then go here to watch a video flip through. Again, I must offer a word of caution…once you read this book, you’re going to need to clean out your fabric stash to make room for your new THREAD STASH!!!

And now, we need a drum-roll please…the winners of the book giveaway are:

Sally Bramwald – “Feather Adventures!”
Elaine Moore – “Hyperquilting!”



  1. Sally Bramald Says:

    I’m so excited to have won the book! I hope you are not bankrupted by the postage to the UK,lols. I cannot wait to play with the new feathers. I shall be waiting daily by the letter box until it arrives.

  2. SewCalGal Says:

    Congratulation to the Winners. And Congratulations to Patsy for her new books, which look absolutely delightful!


  3. Kelly Jackson Says:

    How exciting Patsy!! I can feel the energy way over here and I’m thinking I need sleeping meds now…LOL

    Congratulations to the book winners. I know you will treasure your gift.


  4. Amy Harry Says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! finally here and so gorgeous! I can’t wait to dive into your new books Patsy.

    Congratulations to you and Ernie.


  5. traceylynne Says:

    Congrats to the winners, lucky you! What if I already have a thread stash? (shuffling feet in embarrassment) – btw, the books look FAB!!

  6. Julie Baird Says:

    The books came immediately, so I fired up the latte machine, ran a nice hot bath with ooh-la-la bubbles and dove in!

    Patsy…fabulous books, love the pictures and how you broke out the steps with different colors.

    I came out a shriveled prune, though, couldn’t put them down.

    Great job!

    What’s this new DVD that I caught you mention somewhere. Did I miss something?


  7. patsy Says:

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for your great note and sorry about the shriveling! Yes, there is a 4th volume of Free Motion Fun…With Feathers that’s coming soon, probably in late May. It’s all about different feather border designs and also has some feathered frame designs as well. (Like the feathered frame design in the purple block at the top of this post.) It’s actually much easier than the feather work in the 3rd volume and it was very fun to do!

  8. Helen Says:

    I have just received both your books and although I have not yet read them completely they look just wonderful, very clear instructions and terrific photographs. I am looking forward to your next DVD

    Cheers Helen