Jun 02 10

New DVD, New Pattern, and New Stencils Now Available!

It has been a very busy winter and spring and I’m happy to announce that “Free Motion Fun…With Feathers!  Volume 4” is now available!  This DVD was really fun to make!  It’s all about feathered border designs and feathered frame designs and the cool ways that you can manipulate feathers to make a border look complex when it’s really not complex at all!  Believe it or not, this DVD is easier than the last 2 feather DVDs, so if you know how to stitch a basic freeform feather and a feather with a stitched spine, then you should be good to go with all of these designs.  Looking for a way to add a designer look to your feathered borders?  Look no further, as this DVD will show you how to do it!  Go here to watch the preview video clip and you’ll see for yourself just how much fun this new DVD is!

On top of that, we’ve also got some cool “hybrid feathered wreath” stencils available, and even better, all of these are compatible with the interchangeable center spine designs that go with our basic 12-inch feathered wreath stencil, PT5.  If you’re not sure how to use these interchangeable feathered wreath stencils, then go here to watch a short instructional video that will spell it all out for you!  Wondering what these new stencils look like?  Here they are:

Did this last one look familiar to you?  It should, because my prototype for this stencil was my entry for the Alliance for the American Quilt Auction, as shown below:

Looking for a new tote bag pattern? Then check out our Sassy Quick Tote Bag, that features a center block with a small feathered wreath:

Worried that you can’t stitch that feathered wreath? Of course you can! That block uses our 8-inch feathered wreath set with interchangeable center spine designs, so you could actually create 30 different feathered wreath designs using these 2 sets! Just think of how many different tote bags you could make for gifts, and no two bags would ever be alike! Not sure how to do it? Go here to watch a video tutorial that shows you exactly how easily it can be done!

If you can’t tell, I just LOVE to quilt feathers, and I’m hoping that between the instructional DVDs, the stencils and the tote bag pattern, I can get the rest of the world as hooked as I am!


  1. Elisabeth Says:

    Congratulations! These patterns looks great! I have bought some of your earlier DVDs, and they are just brilliant. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  2. SewCalGal Says:

    Wow. This new DVD looks absolutely packed with beautiful feathered wreaths. Great, great, great designs. Inspirational! And I know how excellent your teaching DVDs are too! I’m sure this new DVD will make many quilters Master free motion quilters in no time at all!


  3. Kelly Jackson Says:

    Wonderful News!!! Congratulations 🙂


  4. Helen Says:

    I received your DVD yesterday. It is just wonderful. You have no idea what an inspiration you have been to me particularly over the past 12 months.


  5. Hope Says:

    I just finished watching your latest DVDs on borders. WOW!! It is just spectacular! I shouldn’t be surprised, because all of your DVDs (I have them all) are of the highest quality. Thanks for sharing your wonderful and exciting designs.

  6. Dorothy Says:

    Wow…you are amazing, I’m so glad I have your DVD’s for inspiration. My quilts have been taken to new heights thanks to you.
    kind regards,