Aug 09 10

She’s Alive!

I’m still alive and kicking! I’ve been working on finishing up lots of loose ends, like the outer border on this small quilt I started a few months ago:

I still need to hyperquilt 2 sides and bind it, but then it’s done, done, Done! I got to do a bit of dyeing outside this weekend:

…and here are some yardages drying directly on the driveway in the hot sun:

And here’s a quickie pincushion I threw together today. I started off with a 6-inch square of fabric, placed a small scrap of wool batting behind it, then I quilted one of the square wreath stencil designs in the center:

I cut away the excess batting, leaving the backside looking like this:

Then I placed a piece of silk batting behind the whole thing and outlined the original design in gold rayon thread:

I quilted the surrounding area in a low contrast thread, then quilted a back side for it and once I’d trimmed them down a bit, I sewed them together to arrive at this:

Not sure the trapunto even shows up…rats! I’m going to try this again in a different colorway with a different center design and we’ll just see whether it’s worth the time…


  1. Leeanne Says:

    Just lovely!!!!

  2. Mechelle Says:

    Just YUMMY!!! How did the bamboo turn out that you were going to dye a while back? Did it dye well? I just got an email from Ron-Loc, it’s on sale ($1.80 yd!) because it is being discontinued!

  3. Ivory Spring Says:

    Cute pincushion.

  4. Ada Says:

    Trapunto showing or not, it’s very pretty.

  5. Judy Warner Says:

    Beautiful colors. I love the contrasting stitching.