Aug 19 10

More Stencil Fun…and a Sale!

Man, oh man, I just can’t get away from these feathered wreaths!  This one is PT36 and I used the swirl spine design inside the empty double spine zone.  It looks pretty complicated because it’s stitched in multiple colors, but it’s really not tough to stitch when you break it down into sections.  I started by tracing both stencils (the wreath and the inner spine design) and then I stitched the swirl portion in turquoise rayon thread:

At this stage, I was kind of bummed out that the swirl didn’t have any pizazz, so I echo-quilted along one side with gold rayon thread.  I only echo quilted along one side because I thought the gold might be overpowering on both sides, and I’m glad I stuck to just that one side:

I finished that spine zone by outlining it in gold thread on both sides:

Next up, I stitched my inside swags in gold, then added the solitary plumes and swirls.  The last thing I did was to add my outside plumes in turquoise rayon thread.  Here’s the whole thing finished:

…and here’s a close up of the center; it looks so intricate that I think I’d better leave the outer plumes as-is (meaning no hyperquilting) because that might take away from the intricacy of the wreath center:

I have been having so much fun with playing around with feathered wreaths this summer that I want to share the joy, so we’re putting our stencils on sale!  From now through 12:01 am 8/27/10, you’ll get a 15% discount on feathered wreath stencils (for retail and wholesale orders) if you write aug15 in the discount code box at checkout.  I’m not kidding; these really are addictive because you can put your own spin on them to make the design your own!


  1. SewCalGal Says:

    Lovely design stencil. I can imagine oodles of fantastic quilting designs based on this stencil.


  2. Lynette (NZ) Says:

    LOVE this quilting. Love it so much I have linked to it in my latest Friday blogpost 🙂

  3. Mary-Kay Colman Says:

    As always, your quilting is just beautiful. I bought a Bernina with the stitch regulator so I’m hoping to watch a couple of your CD’s and then be inspired to do a bit of quilting.

  4. LuAnn in Oregon Says:

    These stencils will be great fun Patsy!
    You never fail to deliver.
    The stencils will work well for traditional block quilting, but also wholecloth quilting……..yay!
    You are the best!
    Thanks a Bunch,
    LuAnn in Oregon

  5. Judy Warner Says:

    I love the colors in your design. Beautiful work!

  6. Ivory Spring Says:

    This is absolutely STUNNING! You are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing the pictures.