Sep 12 10

New Web Site, New Online Store, Same Blog, and a Sale!

Just like this Dresden plate “sunburst-like” design, our business has kind of been “busting at the seams” for the last several months. What began in our basement with my husband shooting video of me doing some free motion quilting has blossomed into a full-fledged business that is more than full time work for both of us. It has been very fun, but also very exhausting! Months ago, we made the decision to move our business into much larger and more suitable accommodations, and to also hire a full time warehouse manager. Then we got to thinking, “Well, if we’re going to do all that, then why not REALLY expand the online store into something far grander, with all kinds of quilting supplies?” That’s what has been happening behind the scenes and late last week, we began moving into our new space and launched our new web site. There will be some ongoing revisions in the web site, so please bear with us as we make those changes.

If you’ve taken any of my classes or follow my blog, then you know I’m hooked on free motion quilting and I get a real kick out of getting other quilters excited about it! Along those lines, one of the goals of this new web site is to put a better focus on education. If you click on the “education” button on the home page of the web site, you’ll see “free video tutorials” as one of the options. These are tutorials on various quilting techniques that are just plain fun! There are many more to come, so keep checking back! There is also a topic under “education” that lists my current classes and class schedule. I’ll be honest…I’m terrible about keeping that current (that’s why I deleted that portion from the blog a couple years ago) but I’ll work hard to keep that up to date!

As far as the online store goes, take some time to explore. We’ve gone from 50-some items in the store to over 1000 items and we will be adding hundreds of new items each month. Fabric is on the way! Notice that there are some books and CDs/DVDs by other authors; this section will continue to grow! If you haven’t already seen Kimmy Brunner’s “Twirly Whirly Feathers” DVD, now is the time to snatch up this DVD/workbook combo! The demos are all done on a long arm machine but this is information that’s great for both long armers as well as quilters who use home domestic sewing machines! Looking for a great book that demystifies all kinds of thread work? Check out Sarah Ann Smith’s “Threadwork Unraveled.” Thread is a passion of mine (I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to open box after box of hundreds of beautiful threads!), so know that more and more threads are on their way. To celebrate, we are having a sale on a couple of really great lines of thread. Through 12:01 am on Monday, 9/20/10, all King Tut Threads (both the 500 yard spools as well as the 2000 yard cones) are 15% off regular price. King Tut is a long staple Egyptian cotton thread that comes in countless beautifully variegated colors. It is the easiest, most carefree thread I have ever quilted with! Also included in this sale is LAVA thread, also at 15% off. LAVA is a line of very strong variegated thread that also comes in gorgeous colors. If you haven’t tried any of these Superior Threads yet, this is a time to see what wonderful products this company makes. If you’ve already used Superior Threads, this is a good time to stock up! To get the 15% off discount for all of these threads, be sure to write sept15 in the discount code box at checkout. (Don’t worry that you don’t see the discounted price right away; this shows up at the end of checkout, but before you purchase the items.)

If you’re having trouble locating a specific product on our site, try entering the name in the store search engine, located in the upper right side of the home page. If there are products that you’d like to see us carry in the shop, please email us! We want to hear about the products you’d like us to offer. Once we’ve gotten settled, I’m hoping to do some blog posts about some of these products so you’ll see how they might help you in your quilting endeavors. If there are parts to our new web site that you find confusing or difficult to navigate, please email us; our goal is to create a user-friendly site that’s a fun place to go to learn about quilting techniques and products!

I know that when I am surfing to blogs that I’ve grown to love, it strikes a bit of fear in me when the layout of the blog changes. Don’t let the layout designs worry you-the same old blog is here (just click on the “blog” button on the homepage of the web site), and you’ll read and see the same types of posts as you have all along. Once the dust has settled from all this moving and unpacking of new products, my goal in all this is to have more time to sew, to create, to revel in the joys of quilting, and then to post about it! I hope you enjoy the changes…now back to unpacking boxes!


  1. Hope Says:

    Love your new site. It is really beautiful! All the best to you and Ernie with the expansion.

  2. Dan Purcell Says:

    What a nice website! Your web developer sure did a good job putting it together.

  3. Anita Says:

    Congratulations! Love your new site. Looking forward to more DVDs.