Oct 15 06

Checking tension

Keep a small “throw away” quilt sandwich by your machine at all times and use this sandwich to check your tension every time that you change either your top thread or your bobbin thread.  In this way, you avoid having to tear out your stitches on the quilt you care about because the tension is not balanced.


  1. Gael Balsdon Says:

    I have a Gammill optimum plus and I’ve been using King tut thread from Superior threads, I get a glob of thread sorta like a knoet on the backside every now and them, I’ve tried alot of things, if I tighten the top tension then my thread breaks all the time. The stitching looks like I think it should but I still get what I call a not
    can you help me?

    Hi Gael,
    I’m not sure I’m understanding this quite right, but this sounds like something that happens to me every once in awhile. For me, it’s not caused by a tension problem. I get small tiny knot-like blobs on the back of the quilt because of thread build-up. It happens to me because I tend to run my machine speed pretty fast and if I pause in my movement of the quilt without slowing down my machine speed, there’s thread build-up. Not sure why, but it’s not nearly as noticeable on the front of my quilt as it is on the back. I would imagine the same thing may be happening to you when you slow down the movement of your Gammill.

  2. Jeanette Says:

    Hello Patsy…can you please help me? I just bought the new Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0 and whilst it sews beautifully, when it comes to FMQ I get unstuck! It seems to be fussy about thread and when I do get going it either “skips” stitches or the thread “shreds”. I was told by the dealer “not to touch the tension” but admit I have reduced/increased it. It worked fine when I bought it – I can’t help feeling it’s me. Any ideas/suggestions? I’d really appreciate your advice