Sep 24 10

Feathered Wreath Hybrids

Feathered wreath hybrids are really just asymmetric feathers stitched in a circular wreath layout, but they are a special form of an asymmetric feather. For “stand alone feathers,” you can only get away with an asymmetric feather if the plumes are stitched on the convex side of the feather; if you stitch it in reverse, it just won’t work. For feathered wreaths, though, you have more leeway. Here’s a feathered wreath where the “alternate” design is on the inside and the plumes are on the outside:

It’s a cool-looking design and you still recognize it as a feathered wreath. You can still create a cool design if the alternate design is stitched on the outside and the plumes are on the inside, but you no longer see it as an actual “wreath.” Here’s an early form of one I worked on last week:

This began as a design stitched from our stencil PT33, but I added the pearls inside the swags, and stitched an inverted feather spine and then inlined the hearts along the outside:

It still looked like I was missing something, so I hyperquilted the inner plumes with the single curly-cue embellishment:

…and then I added the gold stylized fleur-de-lis designs. Now I think I can let it be:

…or maybe not! I guess I need to sleep on this!

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