Apr 07 07

What I’m Working On Now…

I feel like I’ve had next to no time for quilting, so today has been like a party for me…I got to quilt for 2 1/2 hours! Yippee!! I have finally gotten back to a quilt that I pieced last fall. I am such a sucker for the beautiful colors and shapes of fall leaves, and I never get through an autumn without starting at least 2-3 new leaf-based quilts. I really like the colors of the fabrics in this quilt, so it is exciting to me to get back to it and see it close-up as I work on the quilting stage of it. Some pictures below:



The picture doesn’t do the texture justice here. The oak leaf was free motion embroidered when this was just a single “block” and then once the whole quilt was pieced and placed into a quilt sandwich, I stitched around the edge with invisible thread. This makes the entire giant oak leaf protrude out, almost a trapunto effect. I did the same thing for this giant ginkgo leaf:


You can tell there’s a lot more quilting to go, but I had to share what I’ve done so far. One more area:


This is so much fun to do, I need to get back to it! I’m working on a new class using these large leaf shapes to make a small quilt to learn these techniques. I’ll be able to post more about that soon!


  1. Waltraud Says:

    Your machine quilting is wonderful and you use very good colours!


  2. Sandra Wyman Says:

    Enjoying your site – love the colours textures and shapes. Will be back (off to continue celebrating 60th birthday week!