Oct 15 06

Toss those bad needles!

Don’t ever be frugal about throwing out your machine needles.  They can easily develop nicks or become bent and your quilted stitches will suffer!


  1. Sandie Pinkston Says:

    Don’t ‘Toss’ them too far……I save them in a small container (the container you get your roll of film in works great! If you don’t have one, stop by a drug store photo lab and they are usually very glad to give you one.)…….and then I use them as ‘nails’ when I want to hang something on the wall. They work great and only leave a little hole – and all of my Acrylic Rulers are hanging on my wall near my cutting board and are in within easy reach!

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  4. Vivian Sergeew Says:

    I use an old spice bottle. Just pop the old needle though one of the holes and as the bottle is clear you can see when its time to toss the old and use the next empty bottle.