Oct 30 10

Look Who’s at Fall Quilt Market and 20 % off all retail sales this week!

This just cracked me up to the point that I had to take a picture of it! You’ve probably noticed in recent years that fabric companies keep signing up celebrity designers to design fabrics and who should come out with a new line this year other than Ty Pennington of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition! Who woulda thought…not me! On top of that, the crowd lined up to have a photo taken with Ty was so long that the police were present by the booth, just to keep everyone in line! Unbelievable, but it sure made me chuckle!

We’re here in Houston at Fall Quilt Market, seeing all the latest and greatest new things in the quilting world and placing orders to buy these products for our online store. This is the first time we’ve been here as buyers instead of sellers and I’ll tell ya, it’s a lot more fun this way! I’ll blog more about products in the weeks to come, but just wanted to check in for now. I’ll say that it was just thrilling to sit for 1 1/2 hours today and browse through hundreds of beautiful batik fabrics in the Hoffman batiks booth. I may not sleep tonight dreaming of all the fabrics that will be coming our way in the weeks and months to come!

To celebrate fall Quilt Market, we’re putting everything in the store at 20% off for all retail sales! That really does mean everything! Have you been considering a purchase of Electric Quilt 7? Now’s the time to pick it up because instead of $189.95, you’ll only pay $151.96! Thinking about a Sizzix Big Shot Machine? Instead of paying $99.99, this week’s price is only $79.99! Thinking of going whole-hog and splurging on the Sizzix Big Shot Pro? You can pick that bad boy up for only $319.20 instead of the everyday price of $399.00! Every single item in the store is 20% off the normal retail price until 11:59 pm EDT on Saturday, November 6, 2010. To get the discount, type 20% in the discount code box at checkout!

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  1. Sheila Says:

    I’ve always thought Ty Pennington deserved a quilt for all the good he does for those families! It will be interesting to see what fabric he comes out with; you just know it will be wild & crazy!