Apr 16 07

New Class!


I have been working on a new class, and the wall hanging above is what I’ve come up with to learn some techniques that I’m frequently asked about. It is always a challenge to me to come up with a project that a student can either complete in a day long class or at least get far enough along in to learn all the necessary techniques. My goal is to pass along techniques that I’ve learned and I’ve found that most students seem to want something tangible that they can take home with them, rather than a bunch of “practice” samples that ultimately end up in a waste basket.

We cover a few techniques in this class…we start off with fusible applique and cut away applique; these are really just a means to an end. Then we move to free motion machine embroidery and we learn some decorative stitching that we use to embellish these leaves:


You may be able to notice the decorative stitching on the fern better in this shot:


The stitching in the oak leaf is a bit different:


Here’s a better close-up; notice how using free motion machine embroidery rather than quilting this type of decoration makes the leaf pop forward rather than recede:


And here’s the decorative stitching on the maple leaves:


We’ll also learn how to use monofilament threads to change the textures of some of our embroidered shapes, some interesting free motion machine quilting designs and how to make them more interesting by going back over them with “hyper-quilting,” (see the quilted vines and the highlighting with a contrasting thread), and also how to do the escape hatch finish, immortalized by Melody Johnson! For those of you unfamiliar with the escape hatch finish, it allows you to finish the quilt edges without applying binding, and this is sometimes necessary to preserve the artistry of your piece. Lots to cover, but all VERY fun!


  1. Cathy Johnson Says:

    What lucky students you have! I would love to take a class like yours. It looks absolutely wonderful.

  2. Judith Mobley Says:

    I was so dissappointed not seeing you listed at the Houston International Quilt Festival. I would love taking your classes.

    PS…Yes, the paypal button does indeed work. I have all three of your DVD’s. They are great. “Fun with Feathers” is my favorite. You make it fun. These are my kind of feathers.

  3. patsy Says:

    I need to work on freeing up my schedule so that I can travel more to teach-I get such a kick out of seeing people have fun learning this stuff! Glad to hear you like the DVD’s; the “Feathers” DVD is my fave as well!

  4. Sharon Nordhaus Says:

    I just received all 3 of your DVD’s. WOW this is all wonderful and opens up a whole new world that I always thought unattemptable. But you make it so easy. I can’t wait for your next DVD!!! Keep them coming.

  5. Brenda Says:

    I got your DVD’s last week. I love the feathers dvd. I have had problems trying to do feathers when I was first learning free motion. Don’t know if it was your teaching or because I am more experienced but my feathers are wonderful. Especially like the thread painting, I would have never tried that without seeing you do it on the dvd. Thanks, Brenda

  6. patsy Says:

    Thanks, you guys! Always like to hear that the DVD’s are helpful and fun for people!

  7. Katherine Karolski Says:

    I am hoping that the DVD’s that I ordered will help my confidence level in doing this kind of machine quilting. Although I purchased a Bernina QE and it has a stitch regulator. I’m sure people would scream “what”, “you haven’t used it”? Well that is where my confidence level comes in. I guess the saying “Practice makes Perfect” would do it, right? Final question, is there anyway I could drive down to Holland, Ohio and take a basis class? Here comes the rough part…I am hearing-impaired so I assume that your DVD’s are not closed-captioned?? Well I can’t have everything so that is why I asked if I could drive down to Holland, Ohio? Quilt stores around here do not offer what you are teaching. Have small car, will drive…have time off!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Kat

  8. Becca Keeling FL Says:

    I have been so excited to see your work I just know with your enthusiasm I will succeed! I can only afford the first CD that I ordered and hope to have a ball learning to machine quilt. I have no experience but I am going to be good at this! I just love the medium it is so creative I am so glad I found your website you make it possible for people to have fun THANKS!!! And thanks to for sharing your patterns รขโ‚ฌโ€œ how kind of you to know that we will use them to lean. PLEASE COME TO FLORIDA you can stay at my HOUSE!!! smile

  9. pablo Says:

    Wow.Realy nice com[position and colours.wonderfull.