Nov 12 10

Newest Member of the Pincushion Family and What’s on Sale In the Store!

Isn’t this little pincushion cute?  Not sure what it is about pincushions, but I’m always making more, even though I have way more than I need!  You can whip them up so fast and sometimes you just need the satisfaction of getting a project 100% done quickly!  Here’s another shot of my new friend before he held any pins:

I made him by tracing the curlycue wreath stencil design from PT3A-E, but you could make it by tracing around a circle from something you’ve got lying around the house,  like a small glass, or a cup etc,  and then just throw off small curly cues as you stitch around the perimeter of that circle…so easy!  Pincushions make great gifts for quilters, so you just might want to try making a few for gifts during this holiday season.  If anyone is interested, I  had an old post a few years back about making pincushions, and I’d be more than happy to re-post it if anyone wants me to.

And now for the sale…beginning right now, all of the following are 20% off:

**All Signature Pixelles Polyester threads-these are beautiful variegated trilobal polester threads.  This means they have HIGH SHEEN and will really show your quilting!

**All Signature 100% Cotton Variegated Threads!

**All Wonderfil Threads, including Accent (a heavy weight solid colored rayon thread) and Invisifil. If you haven’t tried Invisifil yet, you should!  Invisil is a very lightweight polyester thread with a matte finish.  It works really well when you want to create an effect but don’t want to draw attention to the stitched line.  Here’s an example of an applique I just quilted using Invisifil:

This flourish is very delicate, so I needed a super-fine, lightweight thread to stitch just inside the edges.  Normally, I use Monopoly Invisible Threads for this, but the sheen of that thread was a give away…enter Invisifil to save the day!

**20 % off all prepackaged fabric bundles!  Treat yourself to a smorgasbord of fabric colors with these small samplers!

**20% off all patterns!  This means quilt patterns, purse and tote bag patterns, table runners, and everything else!  And it also includes patterns by us!

To receive the discount, write  “friday!” in the discount code box at checkout.

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  1. Victoria Sturdevant Says:

    Adorable pincushion!