Nov 18 10

Swirly Quilting Textures and Magic Bobbin Washers

Don’t you just love the swirly texture created by those quilting stitches? One of the weird things about my life is that I need to throw together smallish projects all the time so I can demo on them at events, and then I frequently push them to the backseat once the event is over, only to stumble upon them years later. Before I was a quilting teacher, I finished pretty much every quilt project I began, but that’s just not the case anymore! Here’s another shot of part of that quilt where the swirly texture shows a bit better:

…ooohh! I just love those swirls! I may just have to finish that little quilt!

I learned something this week while I was working on that Sizzix quilt. I started using Magic Bobbin Washers for the first time, and I think these things are worth trying. They are small teflon washers that fit in your bobbin case:

They’re super easy to use…just slip one into the bottom of the bobbin case:

…and then pop your bobbin in right on top of it:

You may be asking yourself why one would do this at all. These washers prevent the backlash of the bobbin that sometimes happens when you’re quilting along and then abruptly change direction or stop. For me, that happens most often when I’m working with slippery threads, like rayons or polyesters, and I use those a lot, so I’m sold on this product. They also prevent those pesky birds’ nests that sometimes form on the back of your quilt. They come in one size for the home domestic sewing machine and another size for the large M size bobbin that works in midarm and longarm machines. This is a great stocking stuffer for Christmas.


  1. helen Says:

    Hi Patsy

    I have heard about the washers before. Do you use these bobbin washers in a horizontal bobbin case like on the Pffaf or Elna, or are they just for the vertical bobbin cases like on a Bernina?

  2. Patsy Thompson Says:

    They are for use in both types of bobbin cases. The only thing to watch out for is to make sure you get the correct size washer for your machine.

  3. Elaine Says:

    Hi and thanks for the information. Can these be used in the Bernina 730? the bobbin case has a sort of spring disc already in it.

    thanks for the reply,

    Elaine F.

  4. Barbara Wright Says:

    Good Morning, Patsy. This is your favorite records person from CHS. Happy almost birthday. If I could, you know I would bake you a cake!
    Maybe I didn’t look around your site enough, but do you have/sell patterns for some of your shapes like the iris (my FAVE) or the bird or the shapes on your pincussions? I DO have an imagination but not your artistic one so I need help on my shapes. Thanks lot. LOVE LOVE your website. It is so YOU!