Dec 16 10

The Power of Scraps and Day #6 of the 8 Days of Patsy’s Birthday Give-Away Marathon!

Oh my gosh, just look at this mess cluttering up my cutting table! This is but a mere fraction of the scraps I’ve accumulated from using my Sizzix machine. When I first started using this machine, I really worried about waste, but I’ve found that this cutting system uses fabric more efficiently than I can. I save all these scraps because they are very usable. Here’s just a fraction of the petals I created by running scraps through the Sizzix this evening:

If I don’t use pieces like this right away, I save them in small zip lock bags like these…

and then I’m all ready to go when I get a hankerin’ to fuse up a wall hanging or just fuse up some design that has multiple parts. Here’s a large green flower that was made using scraps (except for the large outermost leaves; those were cut out by hand):

…and here’s that flower’s cousin, a large yellow/green flower:

I have plans for these bad boys but I need to find time to fuse up some more “cousins” first. Do you sometimes have so many different projects going on that your head is just spinning with ideas? That pretty much sums up where I am lately, but it’s kind of a nice place to be!

And what’s up tonight for day #6 of the give-away marathon? Well here’s a shot of it opened up:

You may recognize this as a different set of Tonga treats, this is a set of (40) 10-inch squares of “lemongrass” batiks. You can see what it looks like in its normal packaging here, but I brought this set home a couple months ago and opened it up with the intention of making a fall quilt. I’m finally realizing that I’m just not going to find the time for it, so I’m offering them up for this give-away and they’ll look like:

when they arrive on your doorstep. All you need to enter yourself in the drawing is to post a comment to this blog post by 12:01 am on Mon 12/20/10.

And one more thing…having this Sizzix fabric cutting machine has really changed my quilting life and has taken it into so many fun and unexpected places that I really want to encourage any of you who are on the fence about a machine to take the plunge. Everything in our store is already 20% off through 12:01 am on 12/20/10, but for any retail orders of $70 & above until then, we’ll throw in any one of our DVDs of your choice FOR FREE! Did I just say “for free?” You bet I did! You can choose a single disc DVD that normally retails for $29.95 or a 2-disc set that normally retails for $49.95; either way, you’ll pay 0.00! (Just tell us the title of which DVD you’d like in the “order notes” section at checkout.) Think about it…you can get a Sizzix Big Shot and a 2-disc set for $79.99 and the normal retail cost for these would have come to $149.94…that’s just shy of 50% off! Take this opportunity to tell your family you’d just love these gifts for the holidays. There are some really exciting things happening for these cutting machines in the next few months, and you won’t be able to join in the fun if you don’t have one!


  1. Janet Frank Says:

    Love batiks of all kinds & colors! What a nice thing to have a give away in honor of your birthday! Wishing you a wonderful birthday!!! AHHHHH, to be 54 AGAIN!!!!

  2. Jackie Says:

    I love what you are doing with the cutting machine. You have gotten my juices flowing. I have a Go cutting machine and haven’t touched it for a while. Perfect way to start the New Year!