Feb 08 11

2nd Post in an Hour!

Whoa…this is unprecedented! Two posts in one hour-what gives? First, I needed to announce the winner of the Tulip Blocks from eBay:

These blocks will soon be winging their way to the home of Betty Green…congratulations to Betty!

And I wanted to share some photos that were sent from Elisabeth, who has been playing with her Sizzix machine:

Notice that she’s been really inventive with how she’s used some of her dies. Can you tell that she used the Sizzix BigZ Plain Leaves die to create her butterfly:

And she used the Sizzix Big Z Leaves/Teardrop die to create the butterfly seen from the side view:

If you look at the closeup of that side view butterfly, you’ll see the lovely hyperquilted feather she created as a flight path! And don’t miss her lovely background fill quilting…she did a wonderful job with the irregular swirl:

Thank you, Elisabeth, for sharing your work!!

And one more thing before I hit the hay for the night…I keep getting questions about how to use scraps generated from cutting on the Sizzix machine. I save all my scraps in a box, and when I need to cut small shapes, I’ll pull out a wad of scraps in the colorways I need:

They look kind of unruly, but you can easily arrange them back into a nice stack:

Once they’re lined up like that, all you need to do is make a couple of cuts with your rotary cutter or scissors and now you’ve got some piles of small stacks that can be cut. I need some small heart shapes, so I’m going to cover the hearts only on this flourish die:

…and here’s the actual die with 2 stacks in place:

And here’s a bunch of small hearts:

Can you see that one heart, toward the front, that’s showing the Wonder under side? Sometimes you’ll accidentally chop off part of the design like I did there, but you can usually just snip off a bit and no one will ever know. Can you find the “modified heart” here?

Be sure to check this blog on Thursday, Feb 10th…I think I’m going to do something special that day…


  1. Leslie Says:

    Good post, Patsy! I enjoyed the project from Elisabeth very much!

  2. Claire Pereira Says:

    Thanks for the post….
    See how you inspire people!!!!
    Great job Elisabeth.

  3. Marcia W. Says:

    Elisabeth’s work is wonderful and enjoyed the closeups of her quilting and innovative use of the dies. Glad you are feeling better and can use your wrist more.