Mar 27 11

Something Different

I really enjoy having some handwork to do. The repetition of it brings me peace of mind and makes me feel like I’m moving a project along while I’m doing something else at the same time, like sitting with my husband or watching TV. I enjoy doing hand applique but now I’m trying my hand at something different, some wool applique. Here’s where my project stands now:

I’m using a wool/rayon blend felt for my background and the feathers and flowers are all hand dyed wools and wool blends and also a rayon/bamboo blended felt. I cut out all the applique shapes on my Sizzix machine. What I like the best about it are all the textures. This closeup of one flower gives you an idea of the different dimensions/textures on the piece:

I used regular quilting cottons for the stems and made the bias tape using my Clover 1/4 inch bias tape maker. I love that little gadget! I also used commercial cotton fabrics behind the flowers and as “overlaid” appliques on the wool leaves. (You can see that I’ve got a long way to go yet on those.) I’ve been using a wool/acrylic blend thread for the handwork so far, but there are all kinds of threads that would work great here. As you can see from this shot, I’m only adding new wool applique shapes as I go along; it helps cut back on the bulk:

Do you see that heart at the base? It’s not even attached; I just place it there when I’m going to add more leaves so I know what kind of “blank space” is still available to me. To add a new leaf, I just put 2 of the teeny-tiniest drops of Roxanne’s Glue Baste-It on the backside of a leaf:

Those 2 little drops are enough to hold it into place but it doesn’t add any “hardness” to the appliques. I’ve fallen in love with the new accordion-style bottle for Roxanne’s glue; you never have to wash out the tip anymore. Here’s what the new bottle looks like:

…and here’s the right side of my piece with my leaves waiting to be appliqued:


  1. Debbie Says:

    This is beautiful, Patsy. Some time ago, I collected some felts for a similar project, but haven’t had a chance to start. I love your use of the cotton fabric behind the felt and am going to try that if I ever get around to my project. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Bethany Says:

    Love what you’ve done. I’ve never worked with felt before.

  3. Leslie Says:

    Always, thanks for sharing! Another gorgeous ‘bloomin’ project is what the Dr ordered! I too love the cottons underneath… like a new Dad or someone in a bar ordering celebratory drinks for everyone, I say … “blooms for everyone! Spring is coming!”

  4. Joan Says:

    Well, you’ve done it again — inspired me, that is. Now I have another project “just like Patsy’s” that I want to do.

  5. Claire Pereira Says:

    Hmmm very cool. You seem to have quite alot of projects underway! Keep the pics coming!

  6. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    Gorgeous shades of wools and fabrics. I love mixing wool and fabrics in my pieces. I love to hand applique, but this week I wanted to practice my machine quilting for art pieces and my machine sensor wouldn’t let me sew, so she is in the shop:( The good thing is, the dealer will upgrade some things and add goodies that I can use.


  7. Jocelyn Says:

    Hi Patsy,
    I just wanted to share that I’ve been watching your DVD’s on machine quilting. I have been hesitant to use spray adhesive to hold my quilts together. But I am trying to finish up some UFO’s to send to Japan, and bought some spray adhesive to speed the process. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well they held together for machine quilting. I am still learning how to do the quilting on my domestic sewing machine, but I’ve enjoyed practicing on these UFO’s. Thanks for all of your great hints and insights.

  8. Brita Says:

    Oh, no! I don’t need another diversion at this point in my life! But gee, those are so pretty. I’ve got to focus, focus, focus on my current projects! But thank you for sharing.

  9. Mandy M Says:

    Beautiful Patsy! I really like the colors you’ve used on the wool.

  10. Sharon Griffith Says:

    Wow what a beautiful piece of work. I love wool but this is outstanding…thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Kathy Pennell Says:

    I always get inspired reading your blog! It is my favorite place to go for inspiration because you have such great enthusiasm…makes me think I can do thing too.