Mar 31 11

Subtle Quilting for a Sweet Quilt

These 2 blocks are the basis for the quilt I’ve been stitching on the last couple of days. I’m not sure why, but there is something so sweet about blue and yellow quilts! That combo just hits a home run every time! For me, the drama or interesting part of this quilt is all about how those appliqued feathers interact with one another. Because of that, my whole goal with the quilting was to echo the feather motifs and to do it in a very understated way.  I guess I didn’t really want the quilting to be consciously noticed, and that is not usually my goal.

The easiest part was quilting the blue blocks, because the “empty space” in the center was just right for a feathered wreath.  Again, because it’s stitched in a matching solid color rayon thread, you hardly even see the wreath:

(Sorry about the lousy color there!) The yellow block was a bit more challenging because that “empty space” was a very different shape. I started off with a smaller feathered wreath in the center:

I then drew diagonal lines from opposing corners and that gave me 4 straight “spine guidelines” so that I could stitch 4 straight free-form feathers to fill the 4 “corners of that “empty space:”

In order to fill some small unquilted spaces, I stitched 4 small feathers in each of the block inside corners using part of one of our stencils. Here’s what they look like when seen in 2 adjoining blocks:

…but they look much better when you see that same motif where 4 blocks join:

Once I’ve got the binding on, I’ll show some final pictures, but this was a fun one to quilt!


  1. Patricia Nicholls Says:

    Very elegant quilting!

  2. Elaine Adair Says:

    Dear Patsy – I’m doing OK with my free-form feathers and various other techniques I’ve learned from you, quilting on my DSM. But I am still struck dumb wondering what to do with all the blank space AROUND

  3. Elaine Adair Says:

    (oops – Try again!) I am still struck dumb with fear, wondering what to do with all the blank space AROUND the feathers or vines. Seems if I did some lovely McTavishing, that tight quilting would be really uneven quilting compared with the usual allover quilting I tend to do in the center of the quilt. I’m having troule figuring out how one area needs to be quilted heavily (background around feathers/vines) vs. allover quilting (love the loosey-goosey options) I use in the center.

    Maybe another DVD? I’d be first in line! 8-))

  4. Claire Pereira Says:

    I will love to see the finished quilt….
    Very niiiice progress.
    I love the “flowiness” of your designs and quilting…the fabric colors are always great too!

  5. Susan Schaller Says:

    Love the effect u have will wool/rayon felt dyed pieces on the black. Have been painting Warm and Natural with varied Lumiere and will experiment with them on a dark bckgrd. to see if I can attain the same effect u have. Have u ever tried that ? I find it much easier for me than dyeing. Wonder if the Sizzx would accurately cut batting?

  6. Shannon Says:

    just love your work…it is quite wonderful…