May 24 07

Look At Wendy’s Amish Quilt!

One thing that really gets me excited is to see a quilter’s work who’s taken one of my classes or learned something new from one of my DVD’s. So, with that in mind, know that this picture sent my heart into palpitations:


This Amish quilt is by Wendy Foster. It is her very first feathers quilt and she made it after watching the Feathers DVD-man, was she ever paying attention! This is so beautifully done! Not only did she do a great job on her feathers, but she even did 2 of the thread embellishment techniques! Here’s a close-up of some of her intricate threadwork with the splay of fireworks embellishment and the in-lining embellishment:


Way to go, Wendy!!


  1. Amy Says:

    GASP. Let me unwrap my DVD and just pop that right in and watch it this very minute. How truly lovely…

  2. Amy Says:

    Me again…do you know what kinds of threads Wendy used? GASP.

    Hi Amy,
    She used Superior’s Rainbow threads and Superior’s Bottom Line Threads, Monopoly Threads, and Maderia’s Polyneon Thread. I’ve never heard of Monopoly Threads so I’m not sure who makes them/what kind of thread they are. She sells threads and made this quilt to illustrate what different threads can do-I think it worked!