Jun 05 11

Newest Project

I got back to Asheville this afternoon after teaching for a few days at the North Carolina Quilt Symposium and all I can say is “wow!” This is an annual event that is hosted by various guilds across the state, so its location varies from year to year. This year, it was held at Peace College in Raleigh, NC and this was probably the most thoroughly organized large scale quilting event I have ever attended. I met so many eager quilters and it was such a treat to meet quilters I’ve taught previously. As a teacher, it makes me feel so great to hear someone say that I inspired them or helped them get over a hump in their quilting journey. This was a really fun weekend for me!

As soon as I got back to Asheville, I started back at work on a quilt top I started last week. Here’s a shot of the flowers that are at the very center of each block:

These very basic flowers have a thin layer of batting behind them, so they’ll have a very subtle trapunto effect once this is in the final quilt sandwich. I did the blanket stitch along the perimeters of them and then added some bright green highlighting emanating from each flower center. Next, I fused the feathers onto the first 2 quilt blocks (these are very large blocks, 28 inches square):

…and then I fused the feathers rotating around the flowers in the last 2 blocks:

Here’s a shot of them on the design wall before I had added the 4 spinning feathers in the center:

…and here’s a shot of the top as it waits to be basted:

You probably recognize this as a variation of the Dancing Feather Quilt from a few months ago:

…but I wanted to play around with it in more than one background fabric. Now if I can just get it basted before I need to drive back to Ohio…


  1. Leslie Mcneil Says:

    Nice, nice, nice! Looking forward as usual to see whist the final quilting will be on those blank canvas blocks. Got my feather dies… Anxious to get started in some projects with them! Have a great summer!

  2. SewCalGal Says:

    Beautiful Patsy. Oh, how I’d love to take a class with you. Those lucky quilters. But I am happy that they had the opportunity and I’m sure they had fun and learned a lot.


  3. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    Beautiful work on the stitching. Are you using the free motion foot?
    I have that one and use it for free motion, but for blanket, I use the star foot. Still learning about feet and what works best.


  4. Kay Lynne Says:

    Very beautiful work Patsy! The fabric colors and quilting look great.

  5. Claire Pereira Says:

    I do love those fused feathers!

  6. Rebecca Says:

    I love your work!!! those fused feathers are beautiful. Infact the quilt is stunning!