Jul 19 11

Filling Space with Applique

This is what my center block looked like once I got it back to Ohio. When I look at this block, there are 2 primary places where I have empty space that needs to be filled; the top portion above the birds and there is some space besides the tulips that needs work. Let’s start at the top section, and remember, there’s a soap line that divides the top section into an east and west territory, so we’ll use that soap line to guide us in placement. I began by fusing the swirl headresses in place, and again, that center soap line really helps me in placing those pieces. Next up, I took a piece of scrap paper and folded it in half, then placed it right up against that center soap line:

While it was in place, I drew a rough sketch of half of the splay that would arise from the birds. By doing a rough sketch with it in place, it’s easier to know that my new shape wouldn’t “over-ride” the headdresses. I finalized my sketch and then stapled the paper folded shut so it wouldn’t move as I cut it out. Once cut, I lined it up against the soap line to make sure it would leave me enough room to add some flowers flowing from it:

(I didn’t take a picture of it, but I placed the outer petals for each of the 3 tulips in place as well.) Once I knew it would work, I traced that shape onto Wonder Under, fused it to the wrong side of my fabric, and cut it out with scissors, the old fashioned way! Then I fused that new splay with tulips onto the top section:

…and then added the internal teardrops:

And the space at the bottom was easy to fill. I cut some flowers from a Sizzix die and just placed them across the bottom until it looked like the space was adequately filled:


  1. Claire Pereira Says:

    Wow! So much going into this block! Looks great!

  2. a1angiem Says:

    What are these scissor things you speak of? How do they work?? lol! It’s just tremendously beautiful! So creative…

  3. CaliAnne Says:

    Patsy, I love your work, I wish I had the guts to try your style. I just keep watching your videos. So amazing