Jun 20 07

New Quilt I’m Working On

Ok, I finally have some stuff that seems “Post-Worthy!” This is part of one of the quilts I’m working on now. If you’ve seen some of my previous posts, then you know I am a total nut for variations on the color RED:


This is a part of a quilt top-that’s the key here, it’s NOT in a quilt sandwich yet! What I did was to free motion embroider a large fern shape using heavy, size 12 pearl cotton hand dyed embroidery thread. I have a piece of polyester stabilizer underneath to avoid puckers. What you see above is me going back in and in-lining the design with flourescent orange thread. In this pic, only half the fern has this embellishment and the other half isn’t done yet. Once that is all done, I cut away the excess stabilizer and this is a pic of what the backside looks like:


Can you see part of the backside of a free motion embroidered queen anne’s lace at the fern’s side? Here is a better shot of that baby:


Now that I’ve got you interested, let me show you the front side of the queen anne’s lace:


Don’t know if you can see it yet, but that last pic is the quilt now in a sandwich, so the queen anne’s lace kind of puffs out a bit since I free motion quilted around it with invisible thread. Here’s a closeup of some of the free motion embroidery I did INSIDE that appliqued motif BEFORE it was in a quilt sandwich:


And here’s another queen anne’s lace on the quilt:


And here they are together:


I’ll post more when this baby is done! In the meantime, these colors have got my blood boiling!


  1. joyce Says:

    I love your colors. Do you have a stitch regulator? I can never get my FM stitches so even.

    Hi Joyce! Thanks for the compliment! I don’t have a stitch regulator, those stitches are hand-guided. Don’t give up on your own ability to achieve this kind of consistent stitching-it just takes time. I struggled with this, I mean I REALLY struggled with this and then one day, my stitches just started getting really even. Voila, just like that! So, the message is that it really will happen for everyone, I think it just boils down to how many hours you spend at your machine practicing.

  2. peggy Says:

    i LOVE this patsy. it’s stunning. can’t wait to see it finished. thanks for keeping up with the blog. it’s always fun to check in.