Jun 23 07

Web Store Update and Pretty Pictures


We upgraded our web store and the new store went live on the evening of June 1st. (Of course, I am just now getting around to posting about this! I guess this kind of mundane stuff just kind of leaves me cold). Anyway, this new store is improved in many ways but the biggest change is that it will now remember you and your info…those of you who have made serial purchases will remember that you’d have to re-enter all your data each time you’d make a purchase, but the new store will now remember you, once you have registered as a user. The store has worked great so far but we have one glitch that we hope to have worked out within the next few days. If you click the “pay by paypal” button, it will take you to a page that says this is forbiddden! Of course, this makes no sense so it is being fixed. It is possible to pay by credit card, so rest assured that the store is still functional!

Now, what does a picture of hand dyed fabric have to do with all this? Absolutely nothing! I just don’t feel right about posting without some stimulating pictures! This is cotton sateen that I dyed recently and I love how the colors came out. Here’s another beauty:


This stuff is incredibly soft to the touch and a real joy to quilt because it just feels so darn good to work with! It’s also pretty remarkable because it has a sheen to it, so once quilted, it throws off much more shadowing than regular cotton, and this gives your quilt even more depth. If you experiment with different sources of cotton sateen, you’ll see that they’re all just a bit different as far as how much sheen they have and how brilliantly they take up color. My favorite source for really brilliant color and great sheen is Hancock Fabrics. It’s very inexpensive-I think it’s something like $4.44/yard, (and that’s BEFORE your 40% off coupon!!!!), so you can’t beat the price! If you go and they’re out of the white, go ahead and buy the off-white because it takes the color just as brilliantly!

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