Jun 28 07

More on One of the Quilts I’m Working On

I’ve made some headway on my latest botanical quilt. This quilt is very stimulating to work on because the colors are so very rich and the fabric, (cotton sateen), is so very soft and pleasant to scrunch up as I’m working on the quilt. As silly as it sounds, these are the kinds of things that make the process of quilting so magical. Here are a few “in-progress” pictures:


Now that there’s some more quilting around the queen anne’s lace, it’s a bit more obvious that it kind of “puffs out.” (Can you tell that I am amazed by these types of textural properties?!). One thing that kind of amazes me with each quilt is how a REALLY large and heavy thread can kind of recede back so far in the quilting that it loses some of its punch. Here’s one that really lost its power:


You can hardly see that green vine! What is surprising to me is that it was stitched in a size 12 Artfabrik pearl cotton! I don’t think we’d notice it at all if I hadn’t gone back in and done hyperquilting with a bright green decorative thread afterward! Here’s another one BEFORE any surrounding quilting has been done:


With most of the quilting done around the embroidered blue fern outline, it REALLY puffs out now…this next picture is a good example of the different effect you achieve with free motion embroidery vs. free motion quilting:


Will post more as time allows…
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