Jul 10 07

More Fun With Trapunto and Free Video Tutorial!

At the risk of overwhelming you with this subject, I’m going to post on it again because this is just so darn much fun and honestly, it’s pretty easy to do! It creates multiple depths to your quilt and when you look at trapuntoed quilts, you just want to reach out and touch them, as if to verify that what you THINK you are seeing is actually there! This is when I feel I have done a good job on a quilt, if it has made the viewer want to touch it. Check out this wall hanging below:


Now here is a closeup of the face of the pansy in very poor tangential lighting…I did this so you’d have a better sense of the cool textures and depths created by the trapunto:


And here’s a close-up of the artsy-fartsy leaves I quilted just outside the appliqued flower:


And here’s a close-up of the background quilting:


Trapunto done in this fashion is actually quite fast, the only added steps being to pin a piece of scrap batting under the applique area to be trapuntoed and then to later cut away this excess batting once the edges of the appliqued piece have ben secured by either a decorative stitch or by a plain old satin stitch. I just posted a 2 part video tutorial, (FREE!!!), that shows how this wall hanging was made on YouTube. To watch each part go to the addresses below. Be forewarned that all thr machine actions, (this is the part that’s the most fun and interesting!), is on Part 2, so if you bore easily, just watch that part. Part 1 is about preparing the top for trapunto.

Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_wgE74Mro4

Part2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZracYi4ooI&mode=user&search=

(Someday I will learn how to make an actual link, but for now, you can cut and paste the address into the address box. Sorry, I’m still learning!) The quality of video on YouTube isn’t as good as we’d like, but it’s FREE bandwidth!

Ernie and I thought the video was easier to understand than a series of still photos, so if you like it and find it helpful, please let us know and maybe we’ll throw up some other videos down the road!


  1. Mary Says:

    BRAVISSIMO!! I hope you keep these videos coming.

  2. Yvonne Says:

    I love it! And sure find it very helpful!
    Thank you very very much for making these videos!

  3. Jan M Says:

    Patsy, Loved the video,and would love to see more. Every dvd and video is inspiring. More, more, more.

  4. Brigitte Says:

    Patsy…thanks so much for posting the videos. Your style is very appealing to me. Keep it up!

  5. Heather Says:


    Firstly thank you for the speedy despatch of the feathers DVD, fantastic! I really enjoyed both videos on youtube. Thank you both for taking the time to make them the quality was brilliant and inspirational. Would love to see more.

  6. Julie Says:

    Thanks for the information on the videos. This was my first contact with the website and find it to be one for my ‘favorites’. I have wanted to take the time to do trapunto but hesitated. You have made me want to do it in the morning. Many thanks for the inspiration. Hope to see more. I will definitely order the feathers DVD very soon.

  7. Teri Barile Says:

    Hi Patsy,
    Loved the videos. I have put them on my blog courtesy of you. If you want to put them on yours, go to the youtube site, copy the code in the “embed” box and paste it in your blog. You don’t have blogspot, but i just paste it into the html. I can’t see the video until I have published the post. Thanks for doing this for all of us!!

    Hi Teri,
    Thanks for putting them on your site and letting me know how to put them on my site! For now, we’re leaving them on YouTube because the bandwidth is free, but we may move them to our site down the road.

  8. Judy Says:

    The videos are great. Keep us inspired with your creative work. I can’t wait for the next DVD. Judy

  9. peggy Says:

    you are awesome. thanks for sharing.

  10. Sally Bramald Says:

    How did you get that orange tinge round the outside of the yellow. I did think it was the stitching but having seen the video, it’s there before you stitch. Is it a trick of the camera or is it hand coloured. It looks great either way!

    Excellent Question! This is an effect that I initiated BEFORE I started the trapunto and then accentuated it when I did the threadpainting with the trapunto layer. On this particular pansy, I used pastels from the scrapbooking section at the craft store. Once I had fused the pieces of the pansy together, ( and NOT yet fused the pansy to the background fabric;it was still just lying on the Teflon pressing sheet), I gently rubbed a foam pencil that I had dabbed into the chalk pastel around the edges of all the petals to kind of “highlight” them. I applied the chalk pastels dry and then later added a small amount of water to blend them and make the effect more subtle. I also added color highlights to some parts of the “insides” of the petals as well because I thought this would add a sense of dimensionality to them. Once you’ve gotten the effect you want, you heat set the colors with a dry iron. In truth, this does not totally heat set them as I was originally taught. I have heard that you can apply a clear matte finish textile media but I haven’t tried this because I don’t want to risk making the fabric stiff. I never use this effect on any quilt I will ever wash and I’m careful when handling this type of quilt so I don’t accidentally rub color off onto something I care about. I think that I ended up blending 2-3 colors for that peachy/salmony color. I also added just a bit of yellow pastel to the purple center. Then, when you go to do your stitching, you pick a thread color(s) that will accentuate the highlighting you’ve done. You can also use colored pencils, crayons, etc for this type of work. I actually had taken still photos as I went through the process w/the intention to post them on the blog, but they just didn’t do the process justice. I am hoping to do a short video tutorial illustrating this down the road.

  11. Joan Says:

    I just discovered your YouTube videos and I’ve watched both several times. I’m so hooked! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and expertise. I hope there will be more.

  12. patsy Says:

    There will definitely be more and if anyone has ideas for specific topics that would be helpful, please write in!

  13. Anne Wise Says:

    Love the video – clear, concise instructions – you’re having fun and it sure shows 🙂

  14. jenny Says:

    patsy, i’m not a quilter but i came across this looking for photos of pansies, and i just have to say this is absolutely incredibly gorgeous. love the colours. i love seeing other people’s work, even if i don’t have a clue how to quilt, i can appreciate the time and energy and workmanship that goes into it. it’s beautiful. 🙂

  15. joan muhlbauer Says:

    do you sell your quilts? please let me know!