Feb 26 12

What's on the Design Wall and a New Video Tutorial

I’ve been playing around with different machine embroidered wreath designs and I thought that doing my experiments in blues and yellows would work well since I wasn’t making them for any particular project and blue and yellow always work together.  I’m still playing and making more, but I threw these up on my wall to get a sense of how they might go together.  Here are some closer shots of individual ones:

I’m not quite as fond of wreath #2 below. It’s a machine-embroidered applique version of asymmetric hyperquilting (no internal thread work on the outer plumes), but I feel like it’s missing something. I’m thinking of going back in and stitching a different freehand motif inside those outer plumes.

Next up is wreath #3:

…and then wreath #4:

Notice that wreath #4 is the opposite version of asymmetric hyperquilting since there is thread work inside the outer plumes but not in the inner plumes. I like this version of asymmetric thread work better. Next is wreath #5:

…which is the larger size of wreath (11.5 in diameter wreath) without any internal thread work. I think it has a nice “classic” look. Then there’s wreath #6:

…and wreath #7:

…and wreath #8, which is the smaller wreath (10.5 in diameter) with no internal stitching:

I’m going to make a few more and put them all together into a large sampler quilt that shows different sizes/designs for different wreaths. It’s going to be awhile, though, because I have 2 other quilts I’m putting together now and I want to quilt those first.  I’m having trouble keeping up with my machine quilting…ARGHHH!

These wreaths have been really fun to play with and I’ve only scratched the surface of what could be done with them.  We just made them available in our online store and if you’ve ever wondered how you’d machine embroider the applique of a block this large, here’s a video tutorial that shows just how easily it is done:

aborto misoprostol


  1. SewCalGal Says:

    I think they are all beautiful. Your placement is amazing. Are you doing these all in one single hoop or multiple hoopings? Either way, beautiful. Love, love, love it.

    I see an award winning quilt coming soon with these techniques.


  2. Rosalind Says:

    Great video and brilliant lesson,Patsy. :o)

    You are going to have to get the Cutwork Tool to go with your 830. Bet you would love it!

  3. a1angiem Says:

    They are all amazing but wreath #6 is soooo beautiful (and my favourite) – the colours are very ‘Royal Crown Derby’ and just stunning. I’ve already watched the vid on youtube – I’m not sure about ‘easy’ but you’ve made it do-able (just need that embroidery machine! lol!). I think these applique wreaths would be easier for me than fmq feathers! tfs…

  4. Anne Weiner Says:

    Thank you, Patsy! You’ve taken the time and effort to explain how to do something that I have struggled with several times! You are a gifted teacher! Please keep the videos coming! a

  5. Linda E in AZ Says:

    It looks like you are just having TOO much fun!!
    Very beautiful, each one

  6. MaryGabrbielle Says:

    Wonderful design and video! Thank you for sharing

  7. Sylvia Earl Says:

    Thank you for the excellent video. You explained multihooping so well, made it look so easy! Much nicer than the thumbtack method that I tried the last time. That bit about putting the hoop on the edge of the table is brilliant!

  8. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    I like wreath 3 and 7, really nice contrast and designs together with the colors. I watched your free videos and really got the feel of free motion by watching your sew, great way to learn.


  9. Sally Bramald Says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  10. Valerie Smith Says:

    Wow, gosh I just love the things that you come up with. Your taste is really unique and so very inspiring. Also wanted to mention that I purchased some Superior Mono-Poly thread from you a few months ago since Superior’s website was out…the service was GREAT and FAST. Means a LOT these days!!!

  11. Marianne Gadeberg Says:

    Thank you very much for a brilliant and down-to-earth video on how to do multi-hooping. I have avoided this ever since I got my first embroidery machine in 1995 – I tried so many different techniques and never succeeded. I will give this a go as it seems so simple.
    I see you are now using a Bernina machine. Are Bernina machines easier to do multi-hoopings on than Pfaff’s machines?