May 31 12

Repeat Block Tulip Quilt and a Sale

I finally pieced together my 4 large tulip blocks to make  a wall hanging.  Over 50 embroidered quilt blocks stolen from my car, but these 4 blocks survived because they were so large that they had been rolled onto a long cardboard tube and they weren’t in any of my suitcases that were stolen.  I’d been reluctant to finish the wall hanging just because it was kind of a bittersweet memory for me.  Anyway, here’s what they looked  like once I’d pieced them together and they were placed on the floor:

These blocks may look familiar as this is the same tulip block that had been set on point in this other quilt that was stolen:

I really like how this block works well in both settings.  In this “on square” setting, there are large”empty” spaces that are formed where the blocks join, and I think that center space might be a good spot to quilt a pretty feathered wreath.  Not sure yet, but I think half wreaths will work in the 4 side empty spots where the blocks join up.

Here’s a shot of what the backside of this top looks like:

There are a lot of extra “layers” of stuff on these machine embroidered quilt blocks.  This closeup of the backside of one block will probably make this  a bit clearer:

The greyish-white layer that extends over the backside of the entire block is a layer of fusible interfacing.  The reason you see “seams” is because the block is so large that the width of the interfacing doesn’t cover it, so what appears to be a seam is really a point of overlap.  The other areas of a whiter-white are a medium weight cut away stabilizer.  This is a blend of polyester and cellulose and it has a fabric-like drape to it. You’ve got to have a good stabilizer on board when you’re doing this kind of dense stitching.  I’ve stitched a number of machine embroidered applique quilts now, and most of them are larger than this one, but this quilt top weighs a ton more than any quilt top I’ve ever pieced before!  Normally, when I spray baste a quilt together, I don’t have to use any pins, but I did on this one because I thought the weight of the top might cause the layers to come apart.  I’m just at the stage of outlining all the appliques with invisible thread:

I am wondering how people quilt quilts (using sit down/push through machine quilting) who have 2 layers of batting because the weight of this one is already proving to be a nuisance with only 1 layer of batting!  This may take me awhile…

In other news, Nikki has a great sale going on right now.  All retail sales of DVDs and books made by Patsy Thompson Designs are 20% off, and here’s part 2 of her great sale:

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  1. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    Today I started quilting and realized I couldn’t handle it on the desk I use, so I put my machine on my large cutting table. It was so much easier having the table to keep the majority of the quilt on.


  2. SewCalGal Says:

    Beautiful. I think these are actually far btter than your beautiful projects that were stolen. I’m happy to see you are finding strength to go forward. Of course, I wish I lived closer and could stich out with you, but if there is anything I can do to help remotely, just let me know. Love your work.

    Your #1 stalker,


  3. Mamabearme Says:

    I’m new to your Blog, so don’t know who is who. Where would I find Nikki’s shop?

  4. sallybramald Says:

    It must be heartbreaking to do it all again, but I think I like this even more. It is glorious.

  5. Betty Jo Says:

    It’s beautiful. I knew you had some theft…did not realize it was that many blocks. That’s really tough. But you have a wonderful quilt here.