Oct 14 12

Floralicous Florabunda!

I have been traveling a ton the last few weeks but when I’ve been home, I’ve been working on creating some new flower applique designs.  All of these were made by mixing/matching shapes from the Appli-K-Kutz Petals and Petals 2 cutting dies.  I’ve already shown you flower A:

…and here is Flower B:

As much time as I am spending playing around with machine embroidered applique shapes, it never ceases to amaze me just how much thread can really bring an applique shape to life. A really good example of this is the swirl design inside the outer petals…check out how much that “shadow” line of stitching adds:

The nice thing about MEA is that you always have lots of options; it’s your choice whether or not to stitch any given sequence. Sometimes I think adding that shadow line is helpful and other times I don’t, and it’s really nice to be able to pick and choose when to stitch out these kinds of details.  Here is flower C1(aren’t these names just so inventive?!):

…and here is Flower C2:

(again, aren’t you just blown away by these oh-so-creative names?!)  Notice that the internal design on the stem in C2 is serrated like the internal design on the flower.  Here’s a closeup of the center flower:

…and here’s a closeup of one of the small side flowers:

I haven’t yet decided how I will use these blocks but I’m thinking about it…And before I go, below is Nikki’s Friday newsletter.  I always mean to post it on the blog but it never seems to work out.  I’ve already asked Nikki to order that mitering tool and a cone of Superior Threads’ Monopoly for me, so there may just be something in the newsletter that sparks your interest!

Hello Quilting Friends!

You know how binding a quilt can sometimes be a pain?  Well, we’ve added some great new binding tools that will make it much easier! Have you been looking for a way to sharpen some of your favorite scissors? Check out this new scissor sharpener that will conveniently sit right on your desktop! I am always looking for ways to organize all of my tools, and these great new organizers will help save you space in your sewing room. Check them all out below!

**Please note that when purchasing any item in this newsletter, your order will not ship until Tuesday October 16, 2012, as these are new items in our store.

Large Quick Easy Border Mitering Tool 1pc

It does not matter how wide or narrow the border is, nor whether it’s striped, or a single vs a multiple border, the miter is perfect every time with this tool. Every single time! There are no angles to determine and no flipping or flopping of fabric;  just follow the clearly illustrated directions to achieve perfect mitered borders on all of your projects.

MSRP $ 25.95… our everyday low price only $20.76
In case you’re wondering how to use this tool, watch the video below:

Quilt Binding Express

Pull binding strip through slot and watch it fold automatically. Then press as you pull for perfect binding. Slots to fit 2in, 2-1/4in and 2-1/2in binding strips.

MSRP $26.39... our everyday low price only $21.11

Professional Series 9-1/2in Bent Scissor

Designed to cut smoothly and powerfully. These scissors are tempered for increased sharpness and a longer life. The blades are ground on both sides to ensure smooth cutting and prevent rusting and they easily cut multiple layers.  What more can you want in a  pair of large scissors?!

MSRP $12.99… our everyday low price only $10.39

Desktop Scissor Sharpener

Restores blades to the perfect cutting edge. The compact design is comfortable to use and easy to store. Not for use with specialty scissors including left-handed, serrated and razor edge scissors.

MSRP $11.89… our everyday low price only $9.51

Black Roll Tool Case With 4 Compartments

Portable, easy to carry. Perfect for class or home use. Made of Durable nylon materials. Works with lots of different tools, not just rotary cutters.

MSRP $12.99 ... our everyday low price only $10.39

Fold N Go Quilt Notions Box Black/Blue

Closed, this box measures 4in h x 8-1/4in w x 4-1/4in. Open, it measures 20in h x 8-1/4in x 2-1/2″. Made from black microfiber material with contrasting trim. Contains four separate clear triangular zip compartments and has two magnetic snaps
MSRP $24.95... our everyday low price only $19.96

Thread Box Super Satchel Box

Includes 2 removable thread trays. Box holds 224 ea. 20mm spools, 108 ea. 32mm spools or 30 ea. 45mm spools. 13 x 13

MSRP $27.99.. our everyday low price only $22.39
6 Compartment Super Satchel Box

Has fixed dividers for smaller supplies & one large compartment for larger supplies. 13 x 13

MSRP $17.79.. our everyday low price only $14.23

Liquid Stitch Fabric Mender

Repairs most fabric surfaces. Mends rips, tears and holes. Use to apply patches, sequins and secure hems. Dries quickly. machine wash and dry.

MSRP  $12.49… our everyday low price only $9.99

MonoPoly Clear Thread Cone

MonoPoly is a reduced-sheen polyester monofilament invisible thread. 10,000 yds. Clear. Great for invisible thread applications. By Superior Threads!

MSRP  $24.00.. our everyday low price only $19.20

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  1. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    I love how the stitching looks on your applique, definitely something I would like to try.


  2. SewCalGal Says:

    Such beauty. I’m so happy you have pursued machine embroidery. While these shapes can be appliqued so many ways, I too think the beautiful machine embroidery designs really show the colorful thread and enhance the overall design. Truly spectacular. Love it!