Nov 13 12

A Little More White on White and Divorcing a Quilt

I had a little time to play around some more stitching on white cotton sateen fabric with a shiny polyester white thread and I have to say that there is something so yummy about the texture this pairing creates!  I think it might be impossible to stitch out a design that didn’t look good with this thread/fabric combo, although some designs reveal much more beautiful textures than others.  I’ll start with “ok” designs and end up with the one I like best.  First up is a variation on “seashells:”

It looks very similar to the original Seashell design, but there’s a slight difference.  Instead of repeatedly echoing the first teardrop, I only echoed partially on one side.  This creates kind of a “hook-like” line instead of a pure echo.  This create more movement in the design and also leaves some very small areas with nothing in them, and I think I like having those “blank” zones.  Next up is another variation on swirls:

The difference here is that this really is just freehand swirls done in a continuous line; I did not allow myself to “fill in” any of the spaces that formed between them.  I’m on the fence on this one and thinking that I might end up going back and filling the blank zones with pebbling or something else.  The last one is my favorite.  In my mind, it’s  kind of a version of McTavishing, except I forbade my self to put any swirls or swirl-like structures into it, and instead periodically threw in some units of “plumify it” types of plumes.  I really like the texture created by this one:

I think I’ll definitely be using this one again!  And on a more somber note, have you ever become so frustrated and disenchanted with a quilt that you just wanted to divorce it?  OMG, I’ve wanted to set this one  on fire for a number of days now, but I’ve invested so much time into it that I’m going to finish it.  I’m shipping it off to a longarmer tomorrow to have it basted so I can quilt it, but I’m so glad it will be out of my sight/hands for a few days.

If nothing else, it will keep me from doing something drastic to it!

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  1. Doreen Says:

    And the oft repeated phrase is “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”? I really like it….and have ever since you posted about it!!! Yup, just leave it be for a while….you two can “make up” at a later date!!!!! Hehe! Hugs, Doreen

  2. Lynette Says:

    lol!! Poor Patsy! Yes, just take a vacation from each other instead of getting divorced, because it’s a really awesome quilt. 😀 The times that I’ve felt that way about a quilt, so boxed it up and put it far back on the shelf for months (or years), something lovely happened afterward when I came back to it. Each time I liked it much, if not loved it, in the end.

  3. Betty Jo Says:

    Hey Patsy, I like your quilt, but know what you mean about some quilts. Maybe when it comes back you’ll like it better, but if not, you can send it my way. 😀 😀 😀 😀 By the way, I really like your white on white quilting. Very inspiring.

  4. Karen Miller Says:

    Patsy — love the quilting… why the divorce ?


  5. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    I really like how the quilting in the pieces gives it movement and the first ones remind me of waves, nice for a nautical quilt.


  6. a1angiem Says:

    I love the whole cloth look of the quilting on the white fabric – quilting negative space and very densely has become a fascination of mine and I plan to study and practice much more! So…I was surprised…off to a long arm for basting??? No 505 & the ‘wall’?? I ended up getting a Grace frame and a new Janome 1600P and I love the set-up! It’s a compromise between having a Gammill 12′-er and sticking to my Horizon. I’ve only done a couple tester cheater panels but it is sooo much fun!!! Quilting those beautiful swirls & feathers will be lots of fun!!

  7. SewCalGal Says:

    I think your stitching is beautiful and this quilt is gorgeous. Missing what you are finding as the problem. You are so very talented I’m sure you’ll make it even more spectacular with your beautiful FMQ.