Nov 19 12

Thrill of the Finish

This was a table runner/door runner I made last winter that was stolen when my car was broken into last March.  I really liked it and intended to make a replacement.  I embroidered the 3 large blocks months ago and have never gotten around to the easy part of piecing them together and quilting it.  I finally did this weekend!!

These runners are a real joy to quilt; they’re only 14 inches wide so they’re very easy to manipulate on the machine bed and because they’re so small relative to a “real quilt,” you can quilt them fairly quickly.  I’m fond of the thread work on this:

The first thing I did was to outline each applique shape with Monopoly by Superior Threads, and all the other thread work (both embroidery and quilting) was done with Floriani polyester embroidery thread:

I meet quilters all the time who are afraid to use any thread for quilting that isn’t labeled “quilting thread” and you are really missing out on the fun if you don’t play with all the luscious threads that are out there!  If you haven’t tried Floriani yet, here’s a link to my supplier, the I Have a Notion online store.

I stitched the small “connector” pieces with a design I call “jumping rope:”

…and you can probably see that better on the backside of the quilt:

I stitched the larger areas at each end with the “igloos” design:

…and that is also seen more clearly from the back side:

I still have the hand sewing portion of the binding but I love that kind of handwork, so this runner is completely done in my book.  To reward myself, I went out and broke the bank at a quilt shop:

I know, I don’t need any more fabric!!

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  1. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    It is a beautiful runner and a good idea for me to do something like that for practice. A trip to the fabric store is always a nice treat for ourselves.


  2. Lynette Says:

    How terrible that somebody stole the first one. 🙁 This is gorgeous!

  3. Cyn in S Calif Says:

    Your blocks and runner are gorgeous! I always enjoy looking at your work.
    BTW, I still enjoy reviewing and watching your “how 2” quilting DVDs that I bought so long ago… what I’ve learned from them has helped me get outside my normal stitching box, so thank you very much for creating them.

  4. Janine lord Says:

    Hi Patsy, what a great project! Is that braid surrounding the appliqué pieces? It looks fabulous, can you share what technique you used to apply the braid? Always love reading your posts, your work is incredibly inspiring, thank you 🙂

  5. Doreen Says:

    So glad you got the “replacement” done….gorgeous! Your “jumping ropes” is one similar to what I fall back on for borders of that size–so nice!….And, since when is it a question of NEED???!!!!??? LOL! Upon personal reflection—-those are the words I use when a clarification is desired with DH!!!! Hugs, Doreen