Oct 02 07

I Finally Finished A Couple of Things!


I finally finished “Summer Heat!” I had started quilting this baby a couple months back and didn’t have the opportunity to get back to it until this past weekend. I just loved working with these sizzling hot colors…they really get my blood boiling! (or is that just another hot flash?!) Here’s a close-up of a free motion embroidered fern:


Can you see how it protrudes out as compared to a quilted vine? Here’s a quilted vine and you can see how it recedes into the quilt:


Here’s a free motion embroidered finger fern:


And here’s a pair of appliqued finger ferns:


And here’s an appliqued purple fern:


And here’s a pair of appliqued queen anne’s lace:


If you’re not into hot colors, let me try and seduce you with a shoulder bag I finally finished that’s made out of hand-dyed cotton sateen in blues:


This is actually not a toughie to make; it’s basically 2 rectangles that you quilt and sew together with a lining inside. Here’s a picture of the front of the bag opened up:


This was another project that was started eons ago and set aside. If there’s an interest in how to make it, I can look up my old pictures from along the way and post a tutorial. I can’t wait to start something new!


  1. Brigitte Haydel Says:

    Patsy….I absolutely love your style of quilting. It is gorgeous. There is so much movement in your quilting and I love the colors. I always look forward to your new posts.

  2. Sally Bramald Says:

    As always, lovely work. I love the opposing colours in your first piece.

  3. Edith Burgess Says:

    Hi Patsy, Greeting from Tasmania. I just love your blog. Visit very often. Would love to know that threads that you have used on the bag
    Cheers Edith

    Hi Edith,
    Thanks! Here’s the scoop on the threads for the blue bag: I started off with a hand dyed size 12 pearl cotton embroidery thread for the stitching of the feather. Next, I used a Robison-Anton solid color rayon thread for the splay of fireworks embellishment inside the feather. (I think the specific color was 24 Karat Gold). The background quilting design was done using a YLI Variations Trilobal Polyester thread. Threads have become a guilty indulgence for me!

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Wow! This bag is so beautiful and the holidays are coming up… If you could find and post directions that would be great. Really inspiring.

  5. Maggie Hawk Says:

    I, too, would love instructions for your beautiful bag, Patsy. Thank you for all the on-line tips and techniques you share with us. You’re a very talented and, thank God, generous lady!

  6. Sandy Says:

    Your work is exquisite! If you would, please do post instructions for that bag. 🙂

    Thank you, Sandy, and everyone else who kindly posted a comment! That shoulder bag tutorial is coming soon, but all my notes about dimensions, etc., are in OH and I am in NC. Once I’m settled back up north, (which is soon), I’ll get all that posted!