Dec 25 12

Making the Holidays a Little Bit Greener

Many years ago, I threw together a couple of large Santa bags because I couldn’t figure out how to wrap 2 large, unusually shaped presents.  Over the years, I’ve made several others in a  variety of sizes, and my husband and I kind of got to the point of fighting over them because it’s a quick way to get a gift wrapped and under the tree.  The last 2 Christmases, though, I’ve really been on a mission about it.  I’d gotten to the point of really being bothered by all the paper waste around the holidays, so we decided that we’d go totally green with our gift wrapping.  This year, the goal was to only wrap in Santa bags or recycled decorated bags, and we made it!  The key is waiting until the after Christmas sales when Christmas fabrics are 75% off or better.  Stock up on a  large variety of fabric prints and also buy up lots of decorative roping/cording to run though the casing at the top of each bag.  Most of our bags are just Christmas prints with cording at the top, but this year, I had a bit more time and decided to make a few nicer ones with Christmas appliques on them.  For example, this was the center portion of one bag and these are die cut snowflakes using a Sizzix die:

(For applique shapes this delicate, I just stitch around the inside perimeter with Invisifil thread by Wonderfil.  Because it’s so lightweight, it won’t really draw attention to itself but it will hold down the edges of that applique very well.)  Here’s another one that was cut from the Appli-K-Kutz 8 1/2 inch diameter feathered wreath and the wreath is finished with the candlewicking stitch:

I added some red borders to give it a little bit of a patchwork look:

…and then I added another green fabric at the top to hold the casing.  Here it is with a recycled gift box inside it, holding something special for Ernie:

Here’s hoping that all of you have a wonderful Christmas with your families!

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  1. a1angiem Says:

    love them! what a great idea for on-sale fabrics!!!! and guess what??? i got an embroidery machine!!!! yay yay yay!!!! I might have a few questions for you in a few days! 😉
    Merry Christmas Patsy & Ernie!!!

  2. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    That is a wonderful idea for gifts and much easier than trying to get wrapping paper to look nice, lol.


  3. Anne Says:

    I made green bags this year too. It’s nice to know that great minds think alike!

  4. Connie L Says:

    GREAT idea!!

    I love that candlewicking stitch. Can you give us some more information about how you get that effect?

  5. Rita Dougherty Says:

    I agree with Connie, how did you get that effect. Thanks