Jan 07 13

Staying in Touch

Wouldn’t ya just know that once I got some quilting done and have photos to share that this updated version of wordpress still won’t allow me to upload photos into my blog posts?!  Well, I can’t share any of what I’ve been up to since I can’t upload photos, but I can tell you about some blogs that I’ve started following in the last few months that I am personally finding to be very inspiring.  The top of my list is Jenny Pedigo’s blog called Sew Kind of Wonderful.  This blog is wonderful in some many ways.  Her machine quilting is so fresh and so interesting to me that I’ve gone back to her blog a thousand times to scroll backward and drool over her quilts.  She’s developed the Quick Curve Ruler and about 10 million patterns to make with that ruler and these are really interesting quilt top designs, and she and her sister Helen (more to come about Helen) have started a quilt along where they give you free block designs (that use this ruler) and those blocks are really interesting as well!  On top of all that,  she’s got a few kids and is going to have another baby in about a month and she’s still got the energy to do all this stuff!  Really, this blog is definitely a must read and take the time to scroll backwards…way backwards!  (She also has another blog called Jenny’s Doodling Needle that is focused solely on machine quilting, but an awful lot of her best machine quilting works aren’t on that blog, so check out both of them!)

Jenny’s sister Helen has a wonderful blog called HGMRdecoquilting.com Helen is also quilting up a storm using the Quick Curve Ruler and she’s also creating quilt blocks for the quilt along. Again, if you’re into machine quilting, scroll backwards and drool over all the lovely quilting Helen has done and check out the fabulous creations using curved piecing. I’ve had the ruler for a month but haven’t had time to make anything yet, but these 2 women have me sold on their designs!

Another great blog for machine quilting is the Quilting is my Bliss blog of Teresa Silva. Eye candy for quilters is all I can say!

Two more blogs that I love that you probably already follow but feel I must mention are Judy Madsen’s Green Fairy Quilts (check out Judy’s 1/4/13 post for sure!) and Quilting is my Therapy Blog by Angela Walters. There is so much machine quilting inspiration out there that it’s a wonder we can drag ourselves away from our computers and actually QUILT! Here’s hoping that I can figure out how to reconfigure this version of wordpress so that I can post some quilty photos on my blog again sometime soon!

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  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Oh! I do hope you get it figured out…soon. I really miss your beautiful work!! I follow those blogs you mentioned and agree they are fantastic! Such awesome artists!! (As are you!!!) Hugs, Doreen