Feb 17 13

Free eBook

If you’ve ever been entranced by all the cool designs you can create by manipulating the basic log cabin pattern/ technique, there’s a free ebook available from Fons and Porter that’s worth your time.  I tend to be somewhat wary of free stuff but I have to say that this ebook was far more comprehensive than I thought it would be.  Here’s an example of a beautiful quilt made by Ricky Tims where he combined the basic log cabin with the traditional Bear’s Paw block:


fons and porter bears paw log cabin

(Don’t you just love Ricky’s sense of color?)  Do you see the lovely featherwork in the border that’s stitched using heavy Razzle Dazzle thread?  Not only are there full instructions included in the book for how to make this quilt, but there are also instructions for how to do this lovely bobbin drawing.  Honestly, if you haven’t tried bobbin drawing yet, it’s worth reading through the instructions and trying it for yourself.  Perhaps this particular log cabin variation isn’t your fancy, but there are many others from which to choose!  How about this lovely Chevron variation:


Fons and porter chevron log cabinWow!  It’s hard not to fall in live with this kind of bold geometry and the colors are to die for!  Again, full instructions are included in the ebook.  (BTW, the book does not give the name of the maker of this quilt but it’s owned by Sarah Miller…isn’t she lucky?!)  Let me give you one more example to whet your appetite…how about this version, which is called the Courthouse Steps Variation:


Fons and porter log cabin squares

This beauty was designed by Lori Christianson and I don’t know if it’s because of the batik fabrics or not, but it just seems like a more contempoary version of the Log Cabin to me.  “Yummy” is all I can say!  If you’re interested in the ebook, you can get it free here.  I’ve been told that an earlier version of this ebook had some errors in it but that this version is error-free.  Enjoy!


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  1. Kelly Jackson Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Ricky’s threads are beautiful and he did a great job on that quilt.

    I’m really not much log cabin pattern lover in general…but these designs are really beautiful.


  2. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    I love those fabric colors and shades, it is a really stunning piece. I like how you did the sashing. I have been thinking about how to quilt some of mine, that have a strip coming down, between rows and wanted to do something besides a straight stitch.


  3. Anna Says:

    Patsy, like most of us do, I LOVE freebies and especially this one. What a fantastic bargain I stumbled upon when I logged onto your website today….The Fons and Porter 24 page eBook of beautiful quilt patterns in stunning color! Thanks for the info you provided that allowed me to do this. Another reminder of how the “tried and true” can provide the springboard for quilts that are as easily at home in today’s world as they were in the 1800s!