Oct 08 07

The Shoulder Bag Tutorial is Coming, But in the Meantime…

I posted those pics of the shoulder bag right after we had arrived in NC, but all my notes about it are back in OH, so I need to get back there before I can get the important details like what size of quilt sandwich to start off with, etc. We’re going back there this week, but in the meantime, here is what I am working on now:


You probably remember this from when I started piecing it; the center part with the pansy was trapuntoed and I shot pics in progress a month or so ago. I have finished piecing it and it’s now called “Joy in the Garden.” Sounds corny, but it makes me really happy just to look at this quilt; it makes me think of a verdant summer day when the evening is setting in and all the greens have a blue-like cast to them. I have only just begun quilting it today and all I’ve done so far is to quilt around all the edges of my fused shapes and threadpainted areas with invisble thread. Here is the bottom section that I added:


…and here is the top section that was added:


You know, I feel like I learn the most basic things again and again when I make a new top. This quilt is just a whimsical, fun thing I put together, and it went together so easily once I threw caution to the wind and just started cutting out those swirly-things. What do they mean? Who knows! But, they felt great to cut out and I just LOVE their curviness! Here’s a peak at the pansy in the center:


What’s interesting to me is that there is virtually NO quilting in the background yet, and despite this, I feel like the trapunto is starting to show some depth. Here’s another closer close-up of the pansy that may show it a bit better:


This quilt marks the first time I have trapuntoed silk and I am falling in love with the effect it has! That luster of silk really throws off the best shadows when you quilt it, even more so than cotton sateen, (that’s what the background fabric is behind the pansy), so it really gives the quilt some interesting depth and dimension. If you haven’t tried quilting with silk yet, try it!! I’ll post more pictures when this one’s done being quilted. In the meantime, for those of you who are warm color lovers, I’ve got a new leaf wall hanging in hot colors coming to this blog soon!
(And yes, that shoulder bag tutorial is coming soon, I promise!)

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  1. Ros Says:

    I love it!
    Pansies have such smiley faces don’t they?