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A Quickie and Some Class room Photos

One of the things I learned when I started teaching is that it’s sometimes a challenge to impart the information/skills to the class while you’re also working on a quilting project.  Many of my classes are “technique” classes where we make absolutely nothing but learn a skill.  I’ve found, however, that students frequently want to make something tangible in the class.  It can sometimes get tricky trying to come up with a project that’s small enough that it’s largely do-able in the class, or at least the technique one is trying to teach is do-able within the class time period.  This was my challenge last week when I came up with  a quick quilted wall hanging for a new class:



(Sorry about the lousy photo.)  This class is really to learn how to stitch an easy split design in machine embroidery applique.  I had a fun time quilting it.  I used a soy batting which is incredibly soft and shows up the quilted texture very well, but it’s so soft that if I use it again, it will be the top layer with a different batting as a base.  (I say that because this batting is so soft that it has no “umph” to it and I need the batting to add some structure to the piece.)  The center section is just quilted with swirls:



(Of course, this was done after I’d done all my stitching in the ditch and also had outlined all the applique shapes with invisible thread.)  The floral  blue/green fabric zone was stitched with a pair of splayed feathers.  This look always looks pretty swish but it’s easier than you’d think.  I began by marking mirror image spine guidelines in soap, and I marked the same curves on the opposite side but they are facing in the opposite direction:



Next, I stitched the feathers and I used Accent Rayon Thread by Wonderfil.  I chose this because it’s a very heavy 12-weight thread so I knew it would really show up:



This is what it looked like once both sides of the inner horizontal borders were stitched:



I next quilted “continuous capsules” in the light green border zones (sorry for the name, but that’s what they look like to me!):



…and then I quilted the ribbon candy design in the outer vertical borders:



I couldn’t help myself…I had to go back in and add some hyperquilting inside the feather plumes with gold rayon thread.  You can see how much it adds by looking at this shot where the feather is only partially hyperquilted:



This class is one of the classes I’ll offer next month in out new classroom-full details coming soon. Ernie took some pictures of the new classromm but we can’t really get it all in one photo so here are few shots:


I tried to put in features that I really appreciate in a classroom, like adjustable height chairs on casters and heavy tables to reduce the vibration of machines. It’s hard to get a perspective, but right behind the classroom is a lot of our fabric. Notice the long cutting tables so close by…how convenient!


There are lots of colorful quilts hanging down on the classroom from above:


…and here’s a shot of part of the classroom from halfway up the stairs:


Hope you’ll join us for a class someday!

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  1. Linda E in AZ Says:

    Wow, that’s a great looking classroom setup!

  2. jean Says:

    Your quilting and embroidering is amazing!

  3. Betty Jo Says:

    The classroom looks fabulous and I wish you all KINDS of success as you go forward. I’m trying really hard not to be envious because I would love a classroom like that myself. 😀

  4. Angie Says:

    oh my gosh!!!! yes! yes! I want to come! I want to make the project! I want to be taught (in person, you already taught me virtually!) by THE P.T.! It looks beautiful and I’m envious of people who live near you! But…it’s close enough I think I could make a weekend out of it. Can’t wait for details…congrats!
    – Angie

  5. Wendy Says:

    Wow what a wonderful class room! Congratulations!!!

  6. Tina Says:

    The classroom looks wonderful. Your classes are some of the best and I look forward to taking some in this great setting. Good luck with your new endeavor.

  7. G'ma Says:

    Where is your FANTASTIC classroom?

  8. Gauri Khan Says:

    The peacock design is contemporary and well worked. The designs on the tail are so intricate that it reminds me of the designs on the palace walls in India.