May 03 13

Something New

If you read this blog, then you know I love to machine quilt.  I’m pointing that out so you don’t think I’m abandoning that part of my life.  It’s just that I spend so much time around embroidery machines that I just had to try out some quilting on my embroidery machine.  I’ve barely dipped my toe into this arena, but below is my first experiment.  I’d made a small wall hanging to use up a wreath block that I’d made in error and needed something to fill my 4 cornerstone blocks at the corners.  The first shot is as the wreath was being stitched:


…and this next shot, the quilt is still on the machine but the wreath is done being stitched:



And here is a shot of what the blocks look like after being removed from the machine:



Isn’t that  a pretty wreath?  This wreath comes as a set of 3 wreath files in 3 different sizes and I bought the set here.  In the above example, I did the quilting on the final quilt sandwich.  In my next experiment, I decided I’d use the embroidery machine quilting to quilt a trapunto layer.  I had made some 9 1/2 inch embroidered blocks that were flower wreaths.  Here’s an example of one:




My plan is to set them on point and this means I’ll need an “every other” offset block for my “in between” rows, so that’s where my trapuntoed feathered wreaths will come in.  I made a set of 4 like this and quilted the trapunto layer on the embroidery machine:


These wreaths are the largest size from the set. Want to hear something kind of sad?  The embroidery machine can stitch out this wreath in something like 3 minutes…how’s that for making you feel inefficient?!  Once I’ve pieced this whole quilt and placed it into the final quilt sandwich, I’ll stitch just outside the green thread and that will make the wreaths really pop out.  Here’s a “mini layout” that shows how I’ll be using them, although I may have to swap out my side setting/corner setting fabric:


And here’s a teaser shot of a panel I just started working on.  It’s 41 inches x 25 inches and has 13 hoopings from start to finish.  This is how it looks at almost 1/2 done:

heart base

I love stitching something out for the first time, it’s so exciting to see it come to life!






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  1. Valerie Says:

    You are so creative and have your own flair – I love to see your machine quilting but I am excited to see what you do with the embroidery. You think up things that I wouldn’t in a million years!

  2. jean Says:

    Very pretty embroidery. I know you will bring it to life with quilting.

  3. Elsie Montgomery Says:

    Tell us again what machine you use for your embroidery? I know that good tools are not the ‘end all’ but they certainly make a difference. This is lovely!

  4. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    I love the idea of using the embroidery feature to stitch with. I got software with my machine that does quilt designs, but haven’t used it or the embroidery features. I never got lessons and the store closed, so I guess I am going to have to just sit down and figure it out.


  5. Diane G. Says:

    Patsy,the new designs are beautiful!! Our machine embroidery guild cannot wait to tour your new studio!

  6. Judy P Says:

    I think your free motion quilting is just as beautiful, but I have a question. You show your embroidery machine in the process of quilting the wreath. Do you have your fabric in a hoop or is it just pinned to a tear away?