Oct 29 07


It hasn’t been intentional, but I haven’t posted in 2 whole weeks! I have no excuse except that life got in the way…my schedule has been too jam-packed and too hectic to get much sewing done that was post-worthy, and then finding the time to post has been tough. BUT, I got a lot of sewing done this past weekend and it has been exhilarating to sew again, and I promise to post twice this week to make up for my posting drought!


This is a second version of “Autumn Leaves” that I needed to make for a second class sample. I really like this quilt in warm colors, but then again, I think I’m kind of a sucker for warm colors! Here is a close-up of the maple leaves:


If you look closely at the above leaves, there’s a difference. The veins inside the leaves are free motion embroidered when it is in a block stage, but I quilted each leaf differently. In one, I quilted outside the leaf and outside all the vein lines with invisible thread. In the other, I used the invisible thread ONLY outside the leaf itself. Can you see how this makes the whole leaf protrude forward just a bit?

Now here’s a close-up of the oak leaf:


This also has invisible thread quilted all around the leaf, making it protrude out a bit. Check out this picture of the oak leaf embroidery when it was just in a block stage. This really makes me appreciate how much decorative stitching with cool threads can add to a piece:


And here’s a close-up of the fern section:


The decorative stitching inside the fern is free motion-embroidered when this is just a block, and then the whole thing has free motion quilting with invisible thread around it once it’s in the final quilt sandwich. Can you see how the embroidered fern to the right of the applique pops out as compared to the quilted vine on the left? That fern is free motion embroidered as well. I LOVE all this texture!

Here are a couple of pictures of “Joy in the Garden” as I’m just starting to quilt it:


That vine above the bottom section is called the scroll vine; here’s another shot of it:


I’ll post some more as I get more work done but for now, it’s off to bed!!


  1. Sally Bramald Says:

    As usual, lovely lovely work!

  2. Brigitte Haydel Says:

    Patsy….the quilting is wonderful. It gives so much movement to the quilt.

  3. Teresa Vicars Says:

    Just found out about your work from my Pfaff dealer. I am soooooooooo inspired. Love the DVD’s I bought. I can’t wait to try for myself.