Dec 29 07

New Amish Quilt Finished With Lots of HyperQuilting!

I finished a quilt that I started many months ago and set aside, and ultimately, forgot about! This is what can happen when you’ve got a number of projects going at once, but they always seem to get completed, so I could have worse work habits! This is Amish With a Twist VIII:


I’ll show you my favorite part first…the center heart:


This is a hyperquilted heart leaf vine. Here’s a closeup that shows the stitching a bit better:


The next border is my least favorite part. If you look closely at the corners, I ended up stitching around the hyperquilted stitches because the color of the hyperquilting thread had good contrast in the long border, but the background fabric of the corners was so close to the hyperquilting thread color that you couldn’t see it:


I really like the corners in the outermost border…that green background fabric is ooh-la-la!!


My picture of the long outer blue border didn’t come out so well color-wise, but it shows the 3 “layers” of hyperquuilting on that border, (the whimsical vine, inlining, and outlining):


It feels good to put this project to rest and I really needed to-I am hoping to get started on 2 new quilts this week…yippee!

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